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Students brainstorm the detriments of smoking on health, economics and student futures. They make puppets and participate in a role play activity about smoking and peer pressure.

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Health Issues Crossword Puzzle

For this crossword worksheet, students evaluate health issues and predict noun answers. In this crossword worksheet, students write fourteen answers.

Good Health

Young scholars complete a unit with cross-curricular activities to learn about a healthy body and maintaining their health. In this health lesson, students complete 8 lessons to learn about good health, a healthy diet, healthy foods, healthy habits, sanitary health, exercise, and the health professions.

Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs---Smoking Health Risks

Third graders examine the negatives effects smoking can have on health. They look at advertisement to determine the effects of smoking on one's images. Working with a partner they make a paper bag puppet to use in role play. Finally, they participate in role play situations that examine how peer pressure effects youth smoking.

Who Eats Breakfast?

Second graders discuss the importance of eating breakfast. In this health instructional activity, 2nd graders survey their classmates to see who is eating breakfast and what they are eating. They find reasons for why breakfast is healthy and create posters to remind other to eat breakfast. 

Health Education: Peer Pressure

Second graders examine peer pressure. In this health lesson plan, 2nd graders demonstrate the ability to assertively refuse an unwanted item or pressure from a peer.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

How do you calculate your Body Mass Index, and why is this information a valuable indicator of health? Your class members will discover not only what BMI is and practice calculating it using the height and weight of six fictitious individuals, but in the process they will also learn valuable skills of interpreting information, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on evidence.

The Smoker:20 Years Later

Students investigate the physical effects of smoking. They examine methods that help one avoid the temptation to smoke. They look at the profile of a smoker and predict what may happen to that person's health if he/she continues to smoke for the next twenty years.

Favorite Foods

Learners explore human health by completing food choice worksheets. In this world hunger lesson, students discuss the importance of eating three daily meals and how to feed the underprivileged through charities and soup kitchens. Learners read the book Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen before answering study questions on worksheets.

Don't Smoke or You Might Choke

Third graders conduct Internet research for anti-smoking websites. After critically evaluating websites and collecting information, 3rd graders create their own public service announcements using iMovie. Project is completed with a school-wide screening of the student created public service announcements in the auditorium.

You Are What You Eat (Middle School)

Third graders determine what their ideal weights should be and how many calories should be consumed daily to obtain the ideal weight and/or maintain it. They research and prepare 20 cards regarding nutritional needs, obesity, and health issues.

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