Watercolor Fall Leaves

3rd - 5th

Learners are introduced to the wonders and history of watercolor painting. They review the use of water color in paintings by greats, such as Van Gough and Cezanne. They discuss watercolor techniques and how they've been used in art since 30,000 BC. They then use watercolors to create lovely fall leaves, which in-turn, can be used for any number of class projects.

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Art History
Instructional Design

Painted Story Quilt

Emmulate some of Faith Ringgolds famous painted story quilts in your classroom. Have your class choose a story or you choose one for the whole class to portray. They will select their favorite scene to paint onto their story quilt. What a fun project to complement a new book!

Paper Clay Leaves

Using real leaves to imprint clay, your class will see a natural effect on their individual projects. This is a fabulous way to study leaf anatomy in science. Or, you can focus on mixing colors to recreate the original. These leaves can also be used to give as a gift!

Watercolor Stained Glass Windows

Learners explore art history by participating in a class experiment. In this stained glass lesson, students identify the uses of stained glass in previous centuries and in different cultures. Learners utilize watercolor paper and paints to create their own stained glass images with their classmates.

Leaf Dances

Students spend time on their school grounds collecting different types of leaves. Using the leaf, they take watercolors and paint one side and make leaf prints on their paper. To end the lesson, they hang their pictures on the wall to make a display.

Landscape Paintings Compare and Contrast

Pupils investigate landscaping by analyzing an image with the rest of their class. In this painting analysis lesson, students create their own landscape painting and compare it to a famous landscape piece painted by Albert Bierstadt. Pupils answer study questions from a booklet based upon Bierstadt's work.

And Then What Happened?

Students analyze paintings by using verbs, adjectives, and nouns. In this visual arts instructional activity, students view a painting of a storm and a calm sky. Students use various verbs and adjectives to discuss the characteristics of each painting. Students create their own painting and use various descriptive words to describe it.

Painted Plant Prints

Students identify local trees and plants by their leaf shapes and structures, foliage patterns, and colors. They recognize different leaf vien structures, and make labeled prints to show each of them. Students study their leaves and prints to observe symmetry in nature.

Weaving a Watercolor

Students examine the color wheel and work with watercolors. For this color lesson, students go over primary, secondary, and intermediate colors before watching a demonstration of watercolor brush techniques. They choose a shape to paint and paint that shape repeatedly using each color of the color wheel. After cutting their paintings into strips;they create a new design weaving the pieces together.

Falling Leaves Poetry Spinners

Learners complete an art project.  In this Fall instructional activity, students gather leaves and seed pods and identify them.  Learners read poems about fall, write their own poems, and draw a picture of falling leaves.

Under the Sea

Tropical fish are a great subject for any art project, they are colorful, interesting, and can go along with under water themed stories read in class, learner written narratives, or Marine Biology units. This set of instructions will assist you in teaching your class how to create thoughtful tropical fish paintings using various watercolor techniques. The end product is really pretty and art is a wonderful way to build creative thinking skills.

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