Foreshadowing and Flashback

5th - 7th

Imagine—learners teaching learners! Flashback and foreshadowing are the focus of a colorful, student-produced presentation that illustrates the differences between these literary terms. Consider using the presentation as a model, having your class critique the slides, and then assigning groups terms to use in their own presentation. 

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Creating Oral Presentations

New to presentation software? Whether used as a teacher resource or to inspire your class, the step-by-step procedures detailed by a tutorial from Inspiration® software will insure top-flight slide presentations. Examples, illustrations, extensions and adaptations are included.

Narrative Writing

Fifth graders study narrative writing. In this language arts lesson, 5th graders review how an author uses vivid verbs, imagery, and adjectives to capture reader's attention. Students explore literary devices of foreshadowing, flashback and suspense in order that the students can classify how the author caught their attention.

Inspiration: Creating Oral Presentations 1

Use Inspiration® software to plan and create effective and engaging oral presentations in any subject and for any topic. Learners focus on the basic elements of this software; next, they customize the presentation to fit their needs. Inspiration Software can be downloaded for free using a resource link included in this resource.


Students create a piece of original fiction utilizing flashbacks. Students define and identify the use of flashbacks in the novel Holes. Definitions and examples are recorded in student journals. They use their examples as springboard for creating their own fiction using flashbacks.

The Tell Tale Heart: Foreshadowing and Flashbacks

In this foreshadowing and flashbacks learning exercise, students are given a short re-telling of The Tell Tale Heart to read. Student then complete several exercises to determine when and how foreshadowing and flashbacks are used in the story.

Collaborating on Flashback

Explore a flashback in a story with readers. They will read a story, identify the flashback in the story, then evaluate how the flashback is used. Using the NoteFolio, students analyze the meaning and merit of a flashback in a story. They evaluate the story and analyze how the flashback adds to the meaning of the story. Groups of learners work together and then share their information with the class.

What is an Atlatl?

Let's go an an archaeological dig! Prepare your kids with a list of vocabulary terms relating to archaeology, including different types of items that one might find. They study pictures of each item and play a memory game based on the definition of each term. 


Introduce readers to foreshadowing with this straightforward plan for analysis of a text. The resource suggests embarking on a first analysis with a video of the teacher's choice. Readers will apply skills developed here to a written text in the following activity. (See links to subsequent plans.) Based on Texas Instruments technology, but pencil and paper works too. Includes a nice graphic organizer for connecting clues to foreshadowed events.


Best used as part of a creative writing unit, this activity helps writers plan how they will employ foreshadowing (to which they have already been introduced) in their own stories. The whole group brainstorms story events that lend themselves to foreshadowing. Individuals conjure clues that could hint at the events of their choice. Partners trade and critique ideas, suggesting improvements. Based on Texas Instruments technology, but pencil and paper works too. See links to related activities.

Present and Past Simple Passive

In this present and past simple worksheet, students choose the correct words to complete sentences, rewrite sentences, rewrite questions, and more. Students complete 5 activities.

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