Foreshadowing and Flashback

5th - 7th

Imagine—learners teaching learners! Flashback and foreshadowing are the focus of a colorful, student-produced presentation that illustrates the differences between these literary terms. Consider using the presentation as a model, having your class critique the slides, and then assigning groups terms to use in their own presentation. 

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The Tell Tale Heart: Foreshadowing and Flashbacks

In this foreshadowing and flashbacks activity, students are given a short re-telling of The Tell Tale Heart to read. Student then complete several exercises to determine when and how foreshadowing and flashbacks are used in the story.

Language Focus Unit 3.3: Present Simple Sentences

Practice writing simple sentences in the present tense with a series of grammar exercises. Kids fill in the blanks, create and answer questions, and use the negative present tense to complete an activity with a word bank.

Never Been to Spain, A Lesson on the Present Perfect Tense

In this song lesson worksheet, learners learn about the song Never Been to Spainby Hoyt Axton. They learn about the song's background and the grammar and vocabulary in the song. Students answer 5 questions about that song.

Making an Effective Presentation

Students discover how to effectively deliver a presentation. They use a PowerPoint presentation as the vehicle for looking at guidelines for making an effective presentation. The guidelines apply to any type of presentation students might make.

Producing Multimedia Products in Grades 3-5

Pupils examine media elements such as text, digital cameras, scanners, sound, and video prior to producing projects and presentation. They design and produce a multimedia presentation based on a topic they research. They present their final products in class or at a school function.

Beginning PowerPoint Presentation

Students discover to research information using the Internet, interpret the information gathered from the Internet and create a PowerPoint Presentation based on the information gathered. It will enable the students to organize and create slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and present their work to the class using presentation equipments.

Animal Research: A Multimedia Approach

Explore the animal kingdom from the safety your classroom. Intended to build on previous learning about ecosystems, this lesson involves students working in pairs to research their favorite animal and present their findings to the class. Though this resource includes a only very general procedural outline, it does provide key steps and considerations needed to support learners' success. This project is very reliant on technology, so be sure you have access to computers, Internet, word processing and presentation software, and a projector. If unfamiliar with any of this technology, be sure to provide your class with the necessary supplemental lessons. A great idea for a collaborative project that can be applied to a variety of different subjects. 

Separation of Church and Class?

Learners examine the changing socioeconomic status of the evangelical Christian population in the United States. They discuss the relationship between class and religion in American society.

U.S. Geography: The South

Young geographers complete a research project. They list the physical features found in the American South. They then discuss the economy, culture, and geography found in the South. They work in groups to research one of the five physical features, prepare an oral presentation, and present their information to the class. Ask guiding questions to encourage listeners to assimilate what they heard and derive supporting evidence and reasons for speakers' claims.

Class Actions

Learners examine the many facets of the term "class," defining the term and exploring some of the ways that class plays into life in American society. They participate in a poll about class-related issues.

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