Big Bushy Mustache: vocabulary matching


In this vocabulary worksheet, 2nd graders read the book Big Bushy Mustache and match vocabulary words from the book to their definitions. Students match 8 words to their definitions.

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Chinese Ice Sculptures Melting

Students examine, critique and study a newspaper article on a famous ice festival in China that is being affected by rising global temperatures. They complete three worksheets on the article that deals with comprehension questions, a vocabulary matching task and one on a grammar/language focus.

Vocabulary CD Word Map: The Winter Room

Although designed to be used with Gary Paulsen’s novel, The Winter Room, the approach to vocabulary study detailed here could be used with any text. The included template models for readers how to construct meaning for unknown words by developing an awareness of the types of information that contributes to meaning.

Building Vocabulary from Word Roots: Review of Latin Prefix ad

Infuse your vocabulary lesson on Latin roots with these activities, all of which reinforce the root a/ad (to, toward, add to). Graphic organizers, riddles, and short answer questions help your students review their vocabulary and use context clues to learn new words. You could use one activity a day over a five-day period, culminating in a quiz on Friday.

High winds hit Oman

Students read a text on a severe storm in Oman. They review vocabulary, practice reading strategies and complete a vocabulary matching exercise. Afterward, they design and write a poster to tell people what to do before, during and after an emergency.

Concern over Assam Rhinos

Students study the illegal hunting of wild animals (rhinos) in India. They read a short news report, review related vocabulary, and complete a vocabulary matching exercise.

My First Biography: Christopher Columbus Storia Teaching Guide |

Sail with Christopher Columbus on a biographical reading adventure. Young explorers will learn about the life of Sir Columbus as they hone their comprehension skills through guiding questions, shared reading, and fluency practice. Included in the teaching guide are flashcards, a vocabulary matching game, a timeline worksheet, additional reading suggestions, and cross-curricular ideas to connect this text to four different subjects. An excellent resource that invites learning through engaing activities.

How New Words are Created

Students complete a matching activity, matching words with "method of formation." In this language arts lesson, students complete sentences using rhyming pairs, break down words into 2, and complete a creative exercise, blending 2 words together, converting nouns to verbs or adjectives and writing words from their language that are difficult to express in English.

Middle School Level Vocabulary Matching Words 2

Help your high schoolers prepare for upcoming state testing by developing their vocabulary skills. There are 15 matching questions provided, and example words include ordeal, orb, and tactile. 

Words In The News

A complete resource from BBC World Service provides informational text for English or ESL classes to teach vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills. Learners participate in small group work, whole class discussions, and role-plays to explore the universal topics presented in a current news article. Although the plan is thorough and easy to follow, the link to the referenced article is broken. 

Vocabulary Match for SMARTBoard

Second graders practice vocabulary using the interactive whiteboard. In this vocabulary match lesson, 2nd graders review vocabulary words, take turns revealing a word or definition, and then identify the match. Students utilize a thesaurus to complete a vocabulary worksheet.

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