Chemical Reaction and Stoichiometry Questions

10th - 11th

In this chemical reaction instructional activity, students balance the given chemical reactions. Students decide which statements are true about chemical reactions. Students also calculate the number of moles, grams, or molecules will be produced in a chemical reactions.

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Chemical Reaction in a Baggy

Tenth graders observe various chemical reactions in the lab. In this chemistry lesson, 10th graders list the indications that a chemical reaction took place. They give real life examples of reactions they see everyday.

Chemical Interactions

Students perform scientific investigations to observe chemical reactions.  For this chemical reaction lesson students read a passage and identify the cause and effect. 

What is a Chemical Reaction?-Evidence of Change

In this chemical reactions activity, students experiment with hydrochloric acid and copper (I) chloride to identify the types of reactions they undergo with various other substances. They also observe the law of conservation of mass and record their observations of chemical reactions.

Energy and Chemical Reactions

In this chemistry unit worksheet, students study the energy involved in chemical reactions. They solve 7 exercise sections on chemical equations.

Did a Chemical Reaction "Really" Occur?

Students perform several different experiments to observe signs of chemical reactions and determine if reaction has occurred, use search engine to find Internet sites pertaining to chemical reactions, and write up brief summary of site.

Will It React?

After viewing a short video about property changes, preteen scientists watch you combine different materials, and then perform two of their own experiments. For each demonstration or activity, they are to determine whether a physical or chemical change has occurred. The lesson plan is comprehensive and detailed. It provides materials lists, student handouts, enrichment ideas and more! You will appreciate the time put into developing this series of physical science activities.

How to Speed Up Chemical Reactions (and Get a Date)

How are chemical reactions like dating? A collision must first occur! In this hilarious approach to speeding up chemical reactions, viewers find out that five changes can increase the rate of reaction: smaller space, increased number of particles, increased temperature (and therefore velocity), increased surface area, and adding a catalyst. Teens will thoroughly enjoy and learn from this feature! Because of its quick pace, you will want to review each concept in more detail, but this is a worthy introduction.

Substances and Chemical Reactions

Young scholars explore basic chemical changes. In this basic chemistry lesson, students explore the difference between a mixture and a chemical reaction. Young scholars begin by exploring different substances and their properties, then observe several chemical reactions, and finally build their own "film canister rocket" using baking soda and vinegar.

Substances And Chemical Reactions

Students observe chemical reactions that produce obvious effects. They begin by exploring a different substance every day for one week. They compare the substances and examine how substances can be solids, liquids, or gases.

Types of Chemical Reactions

Chemistry hopefuls experience four different types of chemical reactions: single displacement, double displacement, synthesis, and decomposition. They will apply identification tests to the products as well. While this is absolutely a comprehensive chemistry lab, it is also designed to address the Common Core initiative for science literacy. You will appreciate the ease in teaching the lesson plan due to the well-thought-out plans provided.

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