Common and Proper nouns

3rd - 6th

In this common and proper nouns worksheet, students underline the 3 nouns in each sentences and label them with a c or a p for common or proper. Students underline nouns for 10 sentences.

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Noun Clause Worksheet

Master those tricky noun clauses with a set of exercises. First, pupils underline the noun clauses in five sentences. Next, they complete seven silly sentences with noun clauses that they come up with on their own. Since no examples are provided, you'll need to make sure you teach your class the basics before asking for practice.

Review: Nouns

For this noun review worksheet, students circle nouns in sentences, tell whether nouns are common or proper, and write the plural of nouns. Students complete 16 problems.

Common/Proper Nouns

Students sort word card into two categories (common and proper nouns). They copy the class charts. Students create a table in Word including the headings, common noun and proper noun. They put the correct words onto their chart and add a clip art of each word with a sentence using the noun correctly.

Possessive Nouns

In this possessive nouns worksheet, students review singular and plural possessive noun usage with example sentences, identify and write singular and plural possessive nouns in sentences, change phrases to show possession, review and assess knowledge. Students write fifty-three answers.

Proper Nouns and Common Nouns

For this recognizing proper nouns and common nouns worksheet, students identify proper and common nouns in sentences by labeling underlined words in sentences, correcting capitalization mistakes, writing proper nouns for given categories, and reviewing and assessing knowledge. Students write forty-six answers.

Capitalization: Proper Nouns and Proper Adjectives

The class works to recognize capitalization of proper nouns and proper adjectives. They rewrite sentences and groups of words needing capital letters, correct capitalization mistakes, fill in the blanks using words from a box, and review and assess knowledge. There are 34 answers total.

Editing for Common and Proper Nouns

Fifth graders edit a story.  In this nouns lesson, 5th graders learn about common and proper nouns and how each noun is used.  Students use what they've learned to edit their papers looking for character names and specific places.

Instruction on Nouns

More of a short lesson than a worksheet, this exercise gives instruction on the definition of nouns. Young writers discover common, proper, singular, plural, concrete, and abstract nouns. Excellent!

Nouns: An Overview

Read through a straightforward lesson about nouns -- including common and proper nouns, concrete and abstract nouns, and gerunds -- then assess your own understanding with a test at the end. Returning to the text to check your answers necessitates rereading and requires intrinsic motivation. From the grammar site

Pop Quiz for Chapter 2 (Nouns)

In this parts of a sentence interactive worksheet, students recognize nouns in sentences. Students answer ten multiple choice questions relating to nouns.

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