Daily Routine Writing Exercise

4th - 5th

For this review of English usage worksheet, students correct grammatical mistakes, complete sentences with vocabulary words, and write about their daily routine. Students write 23 answers.

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Grade 4: Module 2A: Unit 1: Lesson 7 Paragraph Writing: The Role of Religion in Colonial America

Informative writing is emphasized in the standards. Help your learners reach that goal with the plan for paragraph writing outlined here. After reviewing the work from the day before and adding to their vocabulary notebooks, class members examine a model paragraph and then write and share organized, informative paragraphs about religion in colonial America. A collaborative and engaging lesson, the plan presented is part of a series made specifically for the Common Core. 

Picture This! Building Photo-Based Writing Skills

High schoolers analyze photographs as a development activity for their literacy skills. They will review the 6 Q's feature for analyzing photographs and analyze a variety of photographs and then write comments in the space around the photo. Next, they will complete four response activities for their group photos and also complete discussion and reading comprehension questions. Very creative and engaging!

Writing Connections: Link Writing to Pupils' Daily Lives

Engage your learners in writing a set of instructions that relates to their experiences.

How To Use the Six Traits of Writing

Use these reference tools to plan and organize the Six Traits of Writing Program.

The Write Response

Students explore what impact the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 had on nine different American novelists. They write and share their own thoughts and feelings, then consider the role writing plays in their own lives, particularly in times of tragedy.

Lesotho, Africa: Daily Resource Analysis

Seventh graders study the concept of data analysis. In this data analysis lesson, 7th graders describe the daily water usage in Africa. Students watch a slide show presentation and read diary entries provided that state estimated water usage. Students also calculate their own daily water usage and compare the results.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Students consider global warming and the greenhouse effect, then explore how these issues affect other countries. They graph findings and write papers considering how continued usage can affect the future of the atmosphere and the global economy.

Precise Writing

How do you throw a ball? How do you make a peanut butter sandwich? How do you draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Pairs of learners write directions for a simple activity and partners follow the directions exactly. A fun way to encourage writers to craft precise, exact, and complete directions.

Writing Fiction Based on Real Science - NYTimes.com

Refuse to alienate your scientific-minded students during your creative writing unit. Learners explore how literary writing can reflect observable fact, and be based in actual science. The links include examples of fiction and non-fiction writing, a fun YouTube video on the basic elements of story, and an essay on how fictional literature can be based in factual science. It all leads to greater class understanding.      

Global Warming

Pupils examine how human produced emissions of carbon dioxide contribute to global warming. Using the internet, they research the future effects of global warming on the Earth. In groups, they discover ways to reduce daily energy usage in their community and calculate the reduction in carbon emissions. They develop and execute an energy reduction campaign.

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