DNA Cut and Paste Activity

9th - 11th

Here is a cut and paste activity worksheet designed for older students. They fill in the blank with information about the composition of DNA, then create a DNA strand with its complimentary nucleotide chain.

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Students study Mendelian Laws of Inheritance and differentiate between the different crosses.  In this Mendels Law lesson plan students describe DNA replication and genetic engineering. 

Genetics: the Study of Inherited Traits

Students explain how genes determine our individual traits. In this biology lesson, students use Mendelian genetics to predict phenotype and genotype. They compare and contrast the role of DNA and RNA.

Building on the Past

Students consider how the scientific advances of the past have contributed to the science topics reported on today in the Science Times section. After reading a current science article, they compare and contrast the way science was reported in a previous era.


Students explore the basics of DNA and its history.  In this DNA lesson students extract DNA from fruits and understand how it is used in forensics.

Genetics DNA Replication

High schoolers explore DNA replication. Beginning with a teacher led discussion, students examine inherited information, genes, and Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA). As the teacher models the structures of DNA, tells about the contributions of scientists, and explains DNA replication, high schoolers take notes. Finally, they draw the structure of DNA and label its parts.

Genetics and DNA

High schoolers describe the structure of DNA and its components and can comprehend that real DNA and its cartoon representation are very different. They are able to link DNA to genetic make-up.

DNA Extraction Lab

Students extract DNA and test for its presence from unroasted (raw) wheat germ using a prescribed procedure. They modify the procedure to provide a less expensive, easier method. They also extract DNA from different available plant, animal and/or bacterial sources. The yield of DNA will be compared among the sources used.

Genetic Markers: Connecting the Dots

Biology buffs simulate how genetic markers are passed among populations in order to understand how these markers can help anthropologists map human migration. A couple of volunteers leave the room while you walk the remaining learners through the simulation. The volunteers come back into the classroom and track what happened based on symbols recorded throughout the simulation. A very visual demonstration of how genes are passed along!

Discovering DNA Structure

Students work in cooperative groups of four and manipulate paper nucleotides to discover the structure of DNA. They model DNA and sing the DNA song to review concepts. Lyrics to song included in lesson plan.

Discovering DNA Structure

Learners work on this paper lab in cooperative groups of four and manipulate nucleotides to discover the structure of DNA. When they have finished the lab, students have created model of DNA that can be hung on the ceiling. Learners use this model to serve as a continual illustration as they discuss mitosis, amino acid sequences and protein synthesis.

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