Eight Multiple Choice Domain and Range of Functions Problems

9th - 11th

In this function worksheet, students determine domains and ranges in eight multiple choice problems.  The solutions are provided.

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Algebra II
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Rational Functions

In this college level Pre-Calculus worksheet students evaluate rational functions, identify the domain, vertical asymptotes, and x- and y-intercepts.  The three page worksheet contains forty problems.  Answers are provided. 


For this graphs worksheet, students solve and complete 15 various types of problems. First, they determine the range of the function of the graph shown and write in interval notation. Then, students find the domain of the function in the graph shown. They also find all three intercepts and state whether the equations represent a line, a parabola, a cubic, a circle, or a hyperbola.

Inverse Trig Functions: Arccos

In the third video on inverse trigonometric functions, Sal follows a format similar to the last two. He finds the value for the arcos (-1/2) and shows the restricted domain of the arccos function. He also finds the value for cos(arccos x) and arccos(cos x).

Domain and Range 2

The short example shown in this video starts with a given a set of numbers in the domain and the range that represent a function. In this example, one needs to simply map the points on a coordinate plane.

Domain of a Function

We look at a number of different examples of functions and see what their domain is. Sal writes the domain in set notion and shows how different functions can have different input values that cause the function to be undefined.

Domain and Range 1

After defining a simple function from a word problem, this video, shows how one could find the domain and the range of that function. The goals here are to reinforce the definitions of domain and range with a concrete example.

Introduction To Functions

Students define a functions and solve problems using functions. In this algebra lesson, students differentiate functions from non-functions. They differentiate between polynomials of higher degrees.

Multiplication Lesson Plan

Young scholars use a doubling techniques to complete multiplication problems. In this multiplication lesson plan, students multiply by twos, fours, and eights, and look for the patterns that emerge. The author has attached a YouTube video that serves as a guide for the teacher. Good, solid lesson!

Domain Representations

Students use graphs, tables, number lines, verbal descriptions, and symbols to represent the domain of various functions. They utilize worksheets and problems imbedded in this plan to gain practice.

Area Model of Multiplication Using Base 10 Manipulatives

Explore two-digit multiplication with your class as they work in groups to build models of two-digit multiplication using base 10 manipulatives. They construct rectangles replacing standard numbers with equivalent place values using the blocks, and then relate their rectangles to the traditional written multiplication algorithm.

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