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In this grammar, usage, and mechanics worksheet, 4th graders respond to 12 questions regarding homographs and their meanings. Students also respond to 18 fill in the blank questions regarding the use of compound words.

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Proofreading Lesson 5

Fourth graders explore various proofreading strategies. They develop their proofreading strategies. Students find and correct errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics. They discuss sentence formation, usage, and mechanics.

Conjunctions and Interjections

Cover the deceptively difficult grammar topic of conjunctions and interjections with your class. After reviewing the provided definitions and examples of interjections and several different kinds of conjunctions, pupils will complete five exercises. Exercises require pupils to identify conjunctions and interjections as well as use them in writing. Because this resource is formatted with five separate exercises, it would be perfect to use as a daily warm-up, completing one exercise a day. Note: This resource is part of a series. 

Personal Pronouns

It may seem like a simple skill, but who couldn't benefit from a quick grammar review? Specifically, pronouns are the topic of this three-page review worksheet which provides pupils with six different exercises. Individuals will: identify pronouns in sentences, identify pronouns and their antecedents in sentences, plug-in pronouns to sentences, write sentences using designated pronouns, and write a paragraph using various pronouns. Also included is a chart showing the singular and plural versions of first, second, and third person pronoun forms. Note: This resource is part of a series. 

Proofreading: Lesson 1

Fourth graders examine instructions for proofreading activities and develop strategies to use in proofreading. They find and correct errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics in different writing samples.

Reading Skills Practice Test

In this reading skills worksheet, students complete a variety of reading comprehension and phonemic awareness activities: write missing consonants to complete words, dictation, picture/word match, high frequency word match, fill-in-the-blank sentences and multiple choice comprehension questions.


Pupils can practice identifying and using adverbs with the exercises provided in this resource. Included on this three-page worksheet are five different exercises. In the first three exercises, pupils will underline the adverbs and circle the word they modify in sentences. The last page includes writing activities where pupils practice generating and using their own adverbs. There is a short, but very clear explanation of adverbs at the beginning of the worksheet as well. Note: This resource is part of a series. 

Homophones and Homographs

Getting tired of correcting to, two, and too? What about weather and whether? Use a thorough lesson on homophones and homographs to clear up those differences. Fourth and fifth graders identify which words sound the same and are spelled differently, and which words sound the same and are spelled the same, such as match and match. 

Question words, question marks

Practice the five W's and question marks with a fun grammar instructional activity. After copying the words who, what, where, when, why, and how, kindergartners fill the words into various questions. For extra practice, have kids come up with their own questions to ask each other.

Language Arts: Writing Skills Development

Young scholars improve writing skills by expanding their self-perceptions. Next, they develop idea lists for writing topics. Their ideas become the basis for a class newspaper. following the creation of a group composition, students write brief descriptions of family members. The lesson also includes the use of writing to improve grammar, usage, and mechanics skills.

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