Gulliver´s Travels Part 1

3rd - 6th

For this Gulliver's Travels worksheet, students choose the correct word to complete the sentences in the story. Students complete 29 lines.

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Travel and Holidays

In this travel and holidays learning exercise, students fill in the blanks to sentences with words in a word bank, and choose the correct words to complete sentences. Students complete 4 activities.

Word Completion Activity

In this word completion worksheet, students look at pictures, complete the words next to each, use each word in a sentence and choose correct double consonants to complete words.

Word Walls for Intermediate Grades

Have you ever wondered how to create a successful word wall? The first two pages of this document highlight the positive benefits for having a word wall. There's also a section that presents the word wall routine which presents how and when to post words. Then there are four activity options provided. This is a great introduction to word walls if you've never used them before! 

Word Clues

Young learners develop a deeper understanding of target vocabulary. Working in pairs, students independently complete a series of word clue cards asking them to find various information about key terms including their definition, synonyms, antonyms, word origin, affixes, and more. Once the cards are complete, partners take turns reading their clues as they try to guess each other's words. This fun activity can be used to address vocabulary in any content area and would make an excellent center during rotations in any elementary grade level.

Froggy Learns To Swim

In this reading of text comprehension instructional activity, students complete a variety of assignments including a word search, word completion, sentence completion and a quiz.

Word Walls for Primary Grades

Every elementary classroom should have a word wall! It reinforces new vocabulary words and their correct spelling! The teacher is given a daily word wall routine that has learners read, chant, and write words. Rhyme and vocabulary activities provide further practice for your youngsters.

Future Time: Travel Words

For this grammar worksheet on travel words, students read and review a chart containing sentences about travel. Then, students complete 4 sentences, filling in the blanks with the appropriate travel words.

Word-Form Recognition Accuracy: Word War

Students explore language arts by completing a card playing activity with classmates. In this vocabulary identification lesson, students utilize a deck of cards with words written on them to participate in a word pronunciation game against an opponent. Students win the game by successfully pronouncing the most words in class.

Gulliver´s Travels - Part 4

In this Gulliver's Travels worksheet, students choose the correct words to complete the sentences about Gulliver's Travels. Students complete 25 sentences.

Daily Routines

In this daily routines worksheet, students complete a word search, listen and write words, and put words in correct order. Students complete 3 activities.

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