How the Earth was Formed Questions

8th - 12th

In this "How the Earth was Formed" worksheet, students watch the movie and respond to 94 short answer questions pertaining to the origins of planet Earth.

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How the Earth Was Made Movie Sheet

In these Earth science worksheets, students watch a movie about how the Earth was made. Students then answer 50 questions about the movie.

What Role did the Movies Play in Forming a New Generation of Youth After WWI?

Class members examine a series of primary and secondary source materials to try and ascertain the role films played in forming “a new generation of youth after World War I.” Individuals are assigned one of three documents to examine, form expert groups to share their findings, and then participate in jigsaw discussions. The documents, part of the packet, include a plot summary for The Jazz Singer, an excerpt from Herbert Blumer’s, Movies and Conduct, and a commentary about the film Are Parents People? Individuals craft a reflective essay to conclude the exercise. The 2001 Frontline program Merchants of Cool and the accompanying materials provided by PBS would provide a great extension to the exercises in this resource.  

Earth's Global Energy Budget

Introduce your earth science enthusiasts to the earth's energy budget. Teach them using an informative set of slides that include illuminating lecturer's notes, relevant vocabulary, embedded animations, colorful satellite maps, and a video. The class is divided into three different groups to experiment with surface albedo, clouds, and land and water temperatures. After they investigate, the groups come back to share their findings with the rest of the class.

Regents High School Examination: Physical Setting Earth Science 2009

Junior geologists address 50 multiple choice questions and 35 short answer questions about the earth system. Plenty of visuals are included for interpretation: diagrams, graphs, maps, photographs, laboratory setups, weather symbols, and even a reading passage. Not only could you use this as your final exam, it could also serve as a practice for an AP earth science test.

Alkaline Earth Elements

In this chemistry lab worksheet, students perform an investigation which allows them to compare how alkaline earth elements form precipitates resulting from a chemical reaction.

Touring Through the Beginning of Earth

Students simulate the role of reporters and research two major theories on how the Earth was formed. They create and write a series of newspaper articles on the theories of beginning life on Earth for the newspaper's front page.

Earth Science Lesson Plans - The Hadean

Fourth graders review the Clock of Eras and learn about The Hadean. In this eras lesson, 4th graders study the characteristics of the first time period on the Clock of Eras; The Hadean. They watch a demonstration of a volcano model.

Earth's Water Cycle

National Geographic's MapMaker Interactive is a wonderful tool to use when introducing your hydrologists to the water cycle. Show your class Earth's oceans and the movement of water from place to place. Then, using a large colorful diagram, show them the movement of water from the surface to the atmosphere. Bring the lesson home by returning to the MapMaker to locate your city and examine the local features that transport water. Close by giving the classic assignment of writing a story about a water-droplet's journey through the water cycle. The MapMaker feature boosts this lesson up above average.

Teaching Question Forms For Intermediate Level English Classes

Questions are formed differently in different languages. Help your English language learners form sentences correctly in English. Intended for intermediate levels, this plan has learners take a short quiz in pairs and study question types. 

Past Simple Questions and Short Answer Forms

Students review and consolidate past simple question forms and short answers to extend their use to a variety of different regular and irregular verbs.

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