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In this math worksheet, students complete each problem with the appropriate addends when the sum is given. They can also color the dinosaur.

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Math Problem Solving

An inventive way of solving math word problems is presented here. Pupils use something called the "Act it Out" strategy which has them, literally, act out the problem or draw pictures to help them solve it. The instructional activity is geared toward gifted and talented students, so this strategy is not for everyone. The math problems all involve certain numbers of pupils, so learners from the class take on the persona of one of the pupils in the problem. An inventive idea for gifted and talented learners.

Math Mission

Second graders investigate the concept of Puerto Rican animals through using math word problems. They create a story to correlate with the word problems. The lesson also uses data of species counts to show increases and decreases for calculation purposes.

Math Word Problems

For this math word problems worksheet, students complete addition, subtraction, and money word problems. Students complete 6 problems total.

Career Math Problems

Fifth graders solve career word problems using math.

Math Word Problems

Second graders develop a list of places, things, and clue words, and observe a demonstration on how to form math word problems. They create their own math word problems and an illustration for a class book.

Using Key Words to Unlock Math Word Problems

Young scholars act as math coaches to solve word problems. In this math word problems lesson, students brainstorm key words in math operations, create flash cards to review relationships between words and operations, coach each other in the problems, and write their own word problems.

Math Hoppers

Third graders use number lines to solve a variety of mathematical problems. They are introduced to the "Math Hoppers" method of solving problems and follow the steps demonstrated to practice the method themselves. They make up math hopper problems for their partners to solve using the number lines and hoppers provided by the teacher.

Math Word Problems

Gaining proficiency with mathematical word problems is a crucial skill for your students to master.

Math: Navigating the World Around Me

Young mathematicians research and discuss real world math word problems and ways in which they apply math concepts in their everyday lives. They create a storyboard of a math word problem from which they create a slide for a multi-media presentation. Pupils solve each others' problems after the presentations are complete.

Math Word Problems

After reading The Mitten by Jan Brett, youngsters willuse the characters in the story to write word problems for addition and subtraction. For example, they may state that a rabbit had 7 carrots and then lost 2, how many were left? There are lots of extensions that could be done with this activity!

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