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1st - 2nd

In this math worksheet, students complete each problem with the appropriate addends when the sum is given. They can also color the dinosaur.

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Reading Comprehension Through Math Problem Solving

Focused on building strong reading comprehension and problem solving strategies, learners solve various math story problems in small groups. They share their answers along with their strategies. The strategies they practice include highlighting important information in the word problems and drawing an illustration to go along with the word problem.

Math Word Problems

In this math word problems instructional activity, students complete word problems dealing with numbers 1 through 10. Students solve 5 math word problems.

Reading Comprehension and Problem Solving

Help your class solve story problems. Second graders will work in groups to solve a math story, review the problem solving process, and write in their math journals to reflect on the activity. This activity will also focus on reading comprehension skills and verbal mathematical communication skills. 

Math Word Problems

In this math word problem activity, students complete a total of 5 simple word problems. A reference web site is given for additional activities.

Story Problem Writing

Learners write story problems which can only be solved with the application of multiplication facts. They write an extra fact that isn't needed to solve. When their partners do the problems, they must cross out the fact that they do need.

Math Word Problems

After reading The Mitten by Jan Brett, youngsters willuse the characters in the story to write word problems for addition and subtraction. For example, they may state that a rabbit had 7 carrots and then lost 2, how many were left? There are lots of extensions that could be done with this activity!

Math Word Problems-Simple Addition

In this math word problem activity, students use space provided to show their work and complete a set of 3 simple addition problems.

Math to the Rescue!

Learners practice their math skills. In this math connections lesson, students use their problem solving skills to solve math word problems regarding emergency responders.

"Photograph Math" Word Problems

Students create a photograph that illustrates one of the ways in which they use math. In this math and visual arts lesson, students write their own real-life word problems to accompany the photo.

Math Word Problems

Second graders develop a list of places, things, and clue words, and observe a demonstration on how to form math word problems. They create their own math word problems and an illustration for a class book.

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