Kuta Software: Infinite Geometry - Classifying Quadrilaterals

9th - 12th

In this classifying quadrilaterals worksheet, students classify 18 quadrilaterals in short answer format. Students use quadrilateral properties of classify quadrilaterals given a sketch.

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Classifying Quadrilaterals

Tenth graders classify quadrilaterals graphed on a coordinate plane. In this geometry lesson plan, 10th graders classify quadrilaterals based upon side length, angle measures, parallel or perpendicular sides, and diagonal relationships. The lesson plan requires the use of the TI-Nspire handheld device.

Make Some Space for Me! (Area)

In this area worksheet, students calculate the area of rectangles. The worksheet begins with rectangles and progresses to complex shapes that may be divided into rectangles. The worksheet includes directions for the student and several application problems. There are 18 short answer problems in all.

Properties of Special Parallelograms

Rhombuses, rectangles and squares are have special properties. In this lesson, young geometers investigate and make conjectures about diagonals, angles, and parallel lines of parallelograms. 

Random Rectangles

Students explore the concept of rectangles.  For this rectangles lesson, students use the Ti-Nspire to graph data about length, width, perimeter, and area of various rectangles.  Students graph length v. perimeter, length v. area, perimeter v. area and discuss the shapes formed. 

Finding the Area of a Parallelogram with Translations

Students calculate the area of a parallelogram. In this geometry instructional activity, students perform translation using a coordinate plane and coordinate pairs. They perform translation on other polygons.

Application of Properties of Quadrilaterals in the Coordinate Plane

Students apply definitions and theorems to verify special quadrilaterals using coordinate geometry. They apply the slope formula, the midpoint formula, and the distance formula to justify that a given quadrilateral is a parallelogram. Answer Key included.

Linear Inequalities - Parallelogram Problem

Students use the Geometer's Sketchpad to illustrate possible answers to a parallelogram problem. As a class, they discuss the point-slope and linear equation forms. Individually, students solve their equations and check the results on a graph. They write a short summary that describes the parallelogram.

Finding the Area of a Parallelogram with Translations

Students calculate the area of parallelograms. In this geometry lesson plan, students identify properties of parallelograms and use to to solve problems. They create polygons using Cabri software.

An Introduction to Quadrilaterals

High schoolers explore the concept of quadrilaterals. For this quadrilateral lesson, students play with a floor tile applet to see that there are many types and characteristics of quadrilaterals including parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles, etc.

Properties of Parallelograms

Students identify different properties of parallelograms. In this geometry activity, students complete problems that proves the theorems and properties of parallelograms. They graph the different shapes on paper.

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