Math Practice - Long Division

3rd - 4th

In this division instructional activity, students find the quotients to 12 long division problems. They divide three digit numbers by two digit numbers in all but 3 problems. They divide by one digit in the other 3 problems.

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Adding Two Three-Digit Numbers

In this mathematical adding equations worksheet, learners problem solve sixty equations by adding together two three-digit numbers.

Estimating the Product of 4 Digit Numbers by 1 or 2 Digit Numbers

Learners estimate the product of 4 digit numbers by 1 or 2 digit numbers. In this estimation lesson plan, students estimate and solve multiplication problems.

Adding 4- to 5- Digit Number up to Four- Addends with Sums up to 100000 with Regrouping the Thousands and Ten Thousands Place

Students regroup and perform addition problems using 4- and 5- digit numbers. In this addends with sums activity, students solve a variety of story problems in groups and independently.  

Add and Subtract Two and Three Digit Numbers

Fourth graders add and subtract two and three digit numbers. They write numbers in extended form, observe examples solved by the teacher, solve problems independently and as a class, and complete a worksheet.

Dividing 2-Digit Numbers by a 1-Digit Number

Students solve division problems. In this dividing 2-digit numbers lesson plan, students practice strategies used to calculate the quotient. 

Understanding Long Division: Whole Numbers

Smoothly transition your class into using the long division algorithm with this hands-on math lesson plan. Working in pairs, young mathematicians practice using base ten blocks or play money to model division by single-digit divisors. Starting with the largest place value and working their way down, they uncover the steps to the long division algorithm before being formally introduced to the process. Include this lesson plan in a unit on division and support your class with understanding this challenging math skill.

Study Buddies: Adding Three-Digit Numbers

In this math worksheet, students will work with a coach to solve a story problem in which they must add three-digit numbers. Students will follow a step-by-step process and notes are provided for the coach.

Study Buddies: Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers

In this math worksheet, learners will work with a coach to solve a story problem in which they must subtract three-digit numbers. Students will follow a step-by-step process and notes are provided for the coach.

Using Sign Language to Write Four-Digit Numbers in Words

Students learn the numbers 1-100 in sign language. In this math and sign language lesson, students practice signing four digit numbers and writing them in words. They watch a video and a teacher demonstration lesson before working in groups for independent practice.

Dividing Two-Digit and Three-Digit Numbers

Fourth graders practice dividing two-digit and three-digit numbers. In this division lesson, 4th graders use base-ten blocks to demonstrate each step of the division process. Students explain each step of the algorithm as they are completing it.

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