Mental Math Challenges: Developing Speed and Accuracy

1st - 2nd

In these mental math worksheets, students complete an addition tapestry square and use the answer key to color in the grid. Students then complete a timed one hundred question subtraction activity.

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Mental Math: Subtract Hundreds - Problem Solving 22.1

Four word problems are presented to second graders. For each, they can use their mental math skills to quickly subtract hundreds and arrive at an answer. This is a terrific inclusion for your Common Core math curriculum.

Getting Started with Interactive Math Notebooks

Set young mathematicians up for success with this interactive math notebook. Including a list of rules and expectations for using the notebooks, as well as templates for a creating a cover page and table of contents, this resource provides everything you need to help learners record and organize their math work throughout the year.

Math in English Skills X Exercise Book

Provide your remedial math students with a handy packet that will help them practice prime factorization, exponents and roots, and multiplication and division of fractions. The packet includes 20 pages, bright images, and answer keys. Just print and practice!

Hundreds Chart Riddles

Can you fill in the fragmented hundreds chart? If your learners are getting comfortable with the hundreds chart, challenge them with this fun riddle activity. Using provided fragments, learners must fill in each square using only one given number. There are two templates provided, and an opportunity for learners to create their own! Have them switch with a partner to try to figure out the chart riddle they create.

Math in English Skills V Exercise Book

Long division, multiple-digit multiplication, rounding, and place values are all covered in a fantastic math packet. The packet contains over 20 worksheets and puzzles, and their answer keys, that will help remedial math students in a structured and well-scaffolded way. 

Where's the Math in Quilting?

Students complete a quilt square following a predetermined color key and identify geometric shapes during individual construction and during class assembly. They also identify and project patterns created.

Square Numbers

Introduce your third graders to multiplication with a worksheet on square numbers. An example demonstrates how to use dots to reinforce multiplication skills. They solve different problems, ranging from 3x3 to 10x10. A great homework assignment or class activity!

Square Corners

Are these angles greater than, less than, or equal to a square corner? Using a visual guide, young geometers label 16 angles into one of these three categories. Use this before introducing the terms acute, obtuse, and right angle, but consider doing it directly after. Here's a good saying to help kids remember these: "Is it a-cute little angle?" 

Squares of Numbers

Test your third graders with a math review worksheet, which features problems on square numbers and area. After finding the squares of increasingly large numbers (3-40), pupils solve for the areas of six squares. A great way to bring both algebra and geometry concepts to your class.

Why Mastery of Math Facts is Important

Discover why young mathematicians should master their math facts and use this strategy to motivate their proficiency.

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