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7th - 12th

If your blood type is "Be Positive," then you will appreciate this genetics worksheet! Learners answer questions about the A, B, and O alleles, and practice solving blood type problems. They also explain and solve problems relating to the sex-linked hemophilia condition. This is a nicely formatted worksheet, ideal for assigning as homework to your biology class.

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Human Genetics

In this genetics worksheet, students review sex-linked diseases and use Punnett squares to determine the genotype and phenotype of offspring. This worksheet has 5 problems to solve.

Genetics Worksheet

For this genetics worksheet, students answer a variety of questions about genotypes, phenotypes, genetic inheritance, and traits. They solve for the probability of genotypes and phenotypes of offspring by completing monohybrid and dihybrid crosses. They answer questions about sex linked traits, incomplete dominance and pedigree charts.

The Clark Family Story: Tracing the Cause of Hemophilia

Ms. Strohfeldt did not omit anything when she designed this comprehensive lesson plan on DNA mutation and sex-linked traits. Begin with a pretest as an anticipatory set. Read a case history of the Clark family and the occurrence of hemophilia in the family. Biologists perform a simulation of a gel electrophoresis for each member of the family and explore DNA sequences. You will find detailed teacher's notes, worksheets with answer keys, and resource links to help you teach this lesson.

Genetics Practice: Beyond the Basics

What do you get when you cross a purple with a white? Genetics geniuses figure it out with a Punnett square. On this assignment, they must solve crosses for incomplete dominance, codominance, lethal dominance, and sex-linked genes. It is a rare worksheet as most Punnett square practice pages involve only simple crosses. You will want to include this in your arsenal of genetics homework assignments.

Genetics, Rules, and Disorders

What you will find in this collection of slides is a comprehensive introduction to genetics. It is technically three separate slide shows: the first on general genetics concepts, the second on rules of inheritance, and the third on genetic disorders. Geared toward high school biology, this may provide material for several lectures in your genetics unit. 

Genetics PowerPoint

If mom is bald, will her babies be bald? Here is a practical presentation that can answer that question. Viewers can take notes on the difference between dominant and recessive genes, mutations, and heritability. A large portion of the slides are dedicated to teaching them how to solve Punnett squares, including those for sex-linked genes and incomplete dominance. Use this when introducing genetics to your young biologists.

Sex-Linked Traits

Again, the basis for trait inheritance and the impact of alleles in phenotypes was covered in previous videos. This presentation focuses on gender and the likelihood of traits if they are sex-linked. Sal tells a great anecdote about where the blame should have been placed for Henry VIII's female offspring.

Sex-Linked Genes and Disorders

In this genes worksheet, students determine how the gender of a baby is produced plus explore sex-linked disorders such as hemophilia. This worksheet has 20 fill in the blank and 8 short answer questions.

Genetics- 9 Sex Linked Genes

Seventh graders investigate the concept of genetics and the sex-linked genes. They conduct research using a variety of resources in order to increase comprehension of the subject matter. Students list the nine sex-linked genes and define why they are passed.

Sex-Linked Genes

High schoolers review the concepts of incomplete dominance, co-dominance and multiple alleles. As a class, they are introduced to the concept of sex-linked genes and how they are passed to offspring. To end the lesson, they examine possible problems with linked genes.

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