Mythology Activity Sheets

5th - 6th

In this set of mythology worksheets, learners draw and decorate a Grecian vase, complete a word search and matching activity, and write about imagining they are a Greek god.

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World History

1st Grade Problem Solvers

First graders investigate, represent and solve problems using number facts, operations, and their properties. They solve on-step addition and subtraction number sentences and word problems using concrete materials. Students construct number sentences to match word problems.

How New Words are Created

Students complete a matching activity, matching words with "method of formation." In this language arts lesson, students complete sentences using rhyming pairs, break down words into 2, and complete a creative exercise, blending 2 words together, converting nouns to verbs or adjectives and writing words from their language that are difficult to express in English.

Match the Words

Even if your kids aren't reading yet, they can become familiar with words by identifying two that are the same. Youngsters focus on the word same as they examine eight words and match them to their identical spellings. Challenge learners who are ready to also read the words aloud as they go. 

Analyzing Diction

Students annotate and discuss a poem, then select specific words to complete a webbing. They explore the connotations of the word, and consider the author's purpose in using it.

Match the Words

As early readers begin recognizing simple words, give them practice with exercises like this matching learning exercise. For each word, learners examine three options to determine which is the same. They draw a line from the starting word to its match, completing five total. Challenge kids to also say the words they are matching.

40 Ways to Spice Up Your Spelling Words

Students participate in numerous activities to improve spelling. Activities include, but are not limited to: writing words in ABC order, writing words backwards, creating silly sentences, illustrating words, coloring words, and more. Hands-on activities include spelling words in dirt, making words out of Popsicle sticks, converting words to Morse code, and writing a commercial using the words. The many activities listed are designed to interest and assist in spelling.

"Same But Different"

Learners recognize and spell words in homophone sets. They assign the correct meaning to each word in a homophone set.

Letter Recognition

Students will learn to distinguish between easily-confused letter pairs by reading and listening to a story that highlights select words and construct a story by actively choosing words. Also they will use picture clues to aid comprehension and match words that start with the same letter.

Long Vowels

Students recognize long vowel sounds by reading and listening to a story that highlights words with long vowel sounds. They then construct an original story. They use picture clues to aid comprehension, and match words with similar vowel sounds.

The Number Match Game

Kindergarteners practice matching words and symbols by playing an index card activity. They create flash cards numbered 0 to 20 and challenge each other in groups to identify the values of the numbers. Learners utilize beans or buttons as counters to assist them through the game.

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