Mythology Activity Sheets

5th - 6th

In this set of mythology worksheets, students draw and decorate a Grecian vase, complete a word search and matching activity, and write about imagining they are a Greek god.

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Compound Word Lesson Plan

Students explore language arts by utilizing educational computer programs. In this compound word lesson, students define the term "compound word" and complete several mini assignments utilizing their computers. Students practice making their own compound word after the computer assignments.

Greek Mythology

In this social studies worksheet, 6th graders will complete a word search puzzle of Greek gods and goddesses. Students will search for 13 words within the puzzle.

Lesson Plan 10: Setting

November is National Novel Writing Month! If your class is involved, or just doing a creative writing unit, you'll need to talk about setting. Authors start by writing about their main character's town, adding as much detail as possible. They discuss the word setting, identifying the fact that there is more than one in their novels. Using a worksheet, writers take a break from writing as they draw various settings from their stories. The worksheet isn't included, but it is easily found online. The detailed and humorous drawing prompts will really get kids' creativity flowing!

Matching Words

In this matching words worksheet, students improve their reading skills by circling the words that match. Students complete 2 worksheets of matching word activities.

Sit or Set

In this sit or set worksheet, students choose the correct word to complete the sentences. Students complete 8 sentences with the word sit or set.

40 Ways to Spice Up Your Spelling Words

Learners participate in numerous activities to improve spelling. Activities include, but are not limited to: writing words in ABC order, writing words backwards, creating silly sentences, illustrating words, coloring words, and more. Hands-on activities include spelling words in dirt, making words out of Popsicle sticks, converting words to Morse code, and writing a commercial using the words. The many activities listed are designed to interest and assist in spelling.

Weather Words

In this weather words worksheet, students complete a word search, crossword, fill in the blanks to sentences, and more using weather words. Students complete 4 activities.

Compound Words: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Students create compound words by combining two words chosen from the board. After listening to the read-aloud of the book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, each student responds to the story by drawing a picture, and listing his/her favorite foods.

Shades of Meaning

Examine and distinguish between words that have similar definitions but different connotations. Middle schoolers define connotation and denotation and participate in a "shades of meaning" contest in small groups. Groups use the Visual Thesaurus to match words that have similar definitions but different connotations.

Macmillan Macgraw Matching

In this matching worksheet, students match words to definitions about different subjects. Students complete 15 matches total on this worksheet.

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