Personal Health: Self-Esteem

1st - 4th

In this self esteem worksheet, students complete a series of compliments that have missing words to create a "chain of compliments," then write 2 original compliments.

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In this self esteem worksheet, students write or draw a picture to express their answer on self esteem. Students complete 5 questions total.

Care Of Myself

Students investigate the concept of self-esteem by making inquiry into the different kinds of exposure one allows into the mind to influence self development. The lesson uses key words to help them discuss different ideas about self-esteem.

Today I Feel Silly Activity Plan

A big part of learning how to be emotionally healthy is learning how to identify and express your emotions. The book Today I Feel Silly is the inspiration for a wonderful activity plan that is intended to teach young children how to be self-reflective and expressive. The class will read and discuss the book, play emotions bingo, and play a feelings toss game. These activities complement the book nicely and are sure to enhance any unit of lesson.

Eating Disorders

Explore the idea of self-esteem through different mediums. Research what is needed for increased self-esteem: list three things one might do well in, take a photo of an activity where each student is performing well, and examine how the media affects the ways students see each other. Additionally, create a class book of what each student does well in or with and write a letter telling someone how the media views projects unrealistic image of beauty.

Health Education: Self Esteem

Second graders focus on people skills. For this personal health lesson plan, 2nd graders distinguish between evaluations of performance and self-worth.

Self and General Space in Dance

Students explore the different themes and strategies of dancing by performing in class.  In this physical education lesson plan, students practice moving specific joints and muscles as they train to perform a dance.  Students perform a dance in a shadow line and critique their classmates afterwards.

Famous People

Students explore having good self esteem. In this self-esteem lesson plan, students read the book Judy Moody Gets Famous. Students talk about being famous and list famous people. Students then make a plan to interview a famous person.

Full Esteem Ahead

Young learners who feel good about themselves will fare better in the long run than those who do not have a high level of self-esteem. Introduce youngsters to what it means to like themselves. Discuss positive characteristics and qualities, and how everyone is different. Guide them through an art project that helps them look at what they have on the outside, as in physical characteristics, and what they have on the inside, their qualities and character.

Feeling Good About My Body: A Lesson on Self Esteem

Third graders explore the concept of self esteem. In this health lesson plan, 3rd graders participate in several classroom activities that address developing a positive self concept.

Conflict Resolution/Self-Discipline

Learners study conflict resolution strategies and appropriate behaviors. In this appropriate behaviors lesson, students read a book about self-discipline and then discuss the story. Learners then use the 3-R strategy to find a new solution to the story. Students write a letter to the main character suggesting the 3-R strategy.

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