Personal Health Series - Self-Esteem

3rd - 5th

In this personal health worksheet, students design a collage using magazine pictures or original drawings that show what they see when they look at a personal reflection. The depict their skills, and accomplishments in the picture of a mirror on the worksheet.

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Food Pyramid

Third graders examine healthy eating habits by identifying the food pyramid.  In this personal health lesson, 3rd graders discuss their own eating habits and how there should be a variety of foods in all diets.  Students research an individual food group and write descriptively about it..


In this self-esteem worksheet, students pick a character in a book, TV show, or movie that has low self-esteem. Kids describe the before self-esteem of their character and then describe a makeover plan for boosting their character's esteem. Students finish by describing their character's self-esteem after the makeover.

Kids Health - Sportsmanship

Students complete activities regarding good sportsmanship. For this sportsmanship lesson, students discuss winning, losing, and cheating. They participate in Sportsmanship scenarios and discuss what they would do in each situation. 

Analyzing Health

Third graders analyze their health. In this analysis lesson plan, 3rd graders rate their health on a 1-10 scale. They then tally the scores from the class and create a data chart. Then they answer true and false questions based on healthy people. Students fill in a health self assessment and come up with ways that they can improve their health.

Growing With Others, Kids on the Grow!

Students participate in an after school program that promotes accepting differences, self-motivation, teamwork, leadership roles, personal safety and self-responsibility, family unity and recognizing the characteristics of good friendships. They prepare to make a personal self-care plan for the days, weeks and years ahead of them.

Good Health

Students complete a unit with cross-curricular activities to learn about a healthy body and maintaining their health. In this health lesson, students complete 8 lessons to learn about good health, a healthy diet, healthy foods, healthy habits, sanitary health, exercise, and the health professions.

Being Me

Learners develop their self-awareness. In this personal health activity, students respond to discussion questions, create personal timelines, design personal posters, and write autobiographies to foster better understanding of themselves and one another.

Outerspace: Frontier for Personal Health and Hygiene

Students view photos of astronauts sleeping, eating, bathing, and using the toilet, and discuss hygiene problems in a zero-gravity environment. They contrast hygiene habits in space to those on Earth, and create storybooks illustrating good hygiene.

Understanding Stress

Students study stress. In this personal health lesson, students play "Stress Attack" to help them note the physiological responses to stress. Students also learn how to relieve stress with a mental exercise and 3 physical exercises.

Comparing the Food Choices and Body Image of 15-Year-Olds Around the World

Students interpret data regarding food choices and the perceived body image of youth in the world. In this personal health lesson, students compare food consumption patterns in Canada with other countries. Students also compare lifestyle patterns in Canada to those in other countries.

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