Phonics: Complex Spelling Patterns

4th - 5th

In this complex spelling pattern worksheet, students sort the words in the word box according to their spelling patterns by following the instructions in the exercise. Students then write the words that don't have a pattern.

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Spelling Patterns: Or , Oor, and Ore Words

Fourth graders complete word work with words that contain the /or/, /oor/, or /ore/ spelling pattern. In this spelling pattern lesson, 4th graders participate in the weekly spelling list activity in which they sort words with the given spelling patterns. They complete charts with /or/, /ore/, /oor/ words.

Word Walls for Intermediate Grades

Have you ever wondered how to create a successful word wall? The first two pages of this document highlight the positive benefits for having a word wall. There's also a section that presents the word wall routine which presents how and when to post words. Then there are four activity options provided. This is a great introduction to word walls if you've never used them before! 

Phonics: Complex Spelling Patterns

In this spelling patterns instructional activity, students sort the words according to their spelling patterns by following the using the specific word patterns for each example.

Spelling Pattern: ch as in chop, -tch as in catch

Working with consonant digraphs, young spellers identify, complete, sort, and write sentences with words that begin or end with ch, -tch, or sh. They complete a crossword puzzle and write 10 sentences with vocabulary words.

Spelling Patterns

Fifth graders complete a worksheet. In this spelling patterns lesson, 5th graders complete words by filling in missing letters, brainstorm words that end in or but is not a suffix and complete a worksheet on spelling patterns.

Mountaintop Trip - ou and ow Spelling Patterns

In this spelling worksheet, students examine words with the ou and ow spelling patterns. They write the words in two lists, and complete words that are shown on the back of children's t-shirts.

Phonics: Complex Spelling Patterns

In this phonics complex spelling patterns instructional activity, students respond to 15 matching, multiple choice, and short answer questions.

Word Study: Complex Spelling Patterns

Young scholars fill in 15 blanks with words that have the given spelling patterns. Above each set of blanks is a label telling which spelling pattern to find such as words with ea, gh, ai, and ie. A word bank is provided.

Phonics: Complex Spelling Patterns

For this phonics worksheet, 5th graders examine words with complex spelling patterns. They use a word list that includes words such as ballet, ancient, and creature, and match them to the descriptor of their spelling pattern, They match a second list of words to a word that has the same meaning.

Spelling It Right- ation Spelling Pattern Word Search

In this spelling word search worksheet, students locate 18 words that contain the "ation" spelling pattern. They find words that are included in word bank that is located at the top of the pages which includes words such as population, quotation, situation, and reputation.

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