Phonics: Complex Spelling Patterns

4th - 5th

In this complex spelling pattern worksheet, students sort the words in the word box according to their spelling patterns by following the instructions in the exercise. Students then write the words that don't have a pattern.

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Spelling Patterns

Sixth graders complete a worksheet. In this spelling lesson, 6th graders view a set of words and identify how they are alike. Students complete a worksheet on spelling patterns.

Spelling Patterns

Assist your class in identifying spelling patterns and irregular spellings. You write a series of words on the board, and have the kids tell you how they are alike and different. They then work in pairs to complete a spelling challenge where they write words that intersect (like Scrabble).

Spelling Patterns

Sixth graders complete a worksheet. In this spelling lesson, 6th graders review syllables and spelling patterns. Students explain how to predict endings and they also collect, sort and observe words. Students complete a worksheet.

Phonics: Long O Spelling Patterns

Second graders review the spelling of words with the long O sound. In this phonics lesson, 2nd graders brainstorm words with the long O sound, gain exposure to common long O spelling patterns and sort long O words based upon the spelling of the word.

Spelling Patterns

Fifth graders complete a worksheet. In this spelling patterns lesson, 5th graders complete words by filling in missing letters, brainstorm words that end in or but is not a suffix and complete a worksheet on spelling patterns.

Exploring Greek Spelling Patterns

Students investigate Greek spelling patterns. In this Greek words instructional activity, students complete an oral spelling activity with their teacher and then a worksheet to learn about Greek spelling patterns.

Sparkling Spelling

Students study the silent 'e' spelling pattern that makes long vowels. They recite the list of spelling words that contain a silent 'e' and compare what vowels say when there is no silent "e" ending. They whisper read a portion of "Kite Day at Pine Lake" as the teacher listens. Next they play a game of spelling sparkle and complete an assessment worksheet.

Spelling CVC Words

Youngsters explore spelling CVC words. In this spelling lesson plan, first graders match capital and lowercase letters together then sound out and spell CVC words. They sound out and spell the word that describes the picture on the cards they are given.

Sing Your Way Through Phonics Lesson Plan

Learners explore how to recognize and spell sets of rhyming words. They become familiar with short vowel spelling patterns.

Improve Your Spelling with the Visual Thesaurus

Using Visual Thesaurus software, class members participate in a computer-based spelling bee. Then they work in groups to analyze the words and use deductive reasoning to infer spelling patterns. They then present one of their "rules" to the class, jigsaw style.

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