Phonics: r-Controlled Vowels ear, eer Review

1st - 2nd

In this r-controlled vowels worksheet, students circle the ear or eer word to match each of the 8 pictures. Students finish with 2 fill in the blank r-controlled vowel sound questions.

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R-Controlled Vowels

In this instructional activity students explore r-controlled vowels. Students use words from a word bank to complete sentences. There are ten words in the word box. There are ten sentences in which the words are to be used in. Students learn word recognition and r-vowel sounds.

Phonics: r-Controlled Vowels er, ir, ur Review

In this r-controlled vowels worksheet, students study the pictures and circle the r-controlled words that match the 8 pictures. Students then complete 2 fill in the blank questions about r-controlled vowels.

Syllable Types: r controlled.

In these syllable worksheets, students complete several activities that help them learn to spell and use words with r-controlled syllables. Students learn words that use the following syllables: ar, er, ir, ur, or, ore, air, and are.

Phonics: r-Controlled Vowels

In this r-controlled vowels worksheet, students sort the 18 words in the word box into 4 categories. Students then identify the r-controlled words in 7 sentences and write them on the lines provided.

Right on Target- Phonics Worksheet R-controlled Vowels

In this phonics activity, students unscramble 6 words that contain R-controlled vowels "ar." Students then match each word to the picture that illustrates it.

Sing Your Way Through Phonics Lesson Plan

Students recognize and spell sets of words with r-controlled vowels. They become familiar with r-controlled spelling patterns.

Phonics Worksheet- Dinner Time: R-controlled Vowels er, ir and ur

In this phonics worksheet, students analyze 6 words in a word bank that have R-controlled vowels er, ir and ur. Students choose a word to complete each of 6 sentences. A secret message will also be revealed.

Phonics Worksheet-- The Corny Fort: R-controlled Vowel "or"

For this phonics "or" sound worksheet, students analyze 10 words in a word bank and circle those with the R-controlled sound of "or." Students then find the hidden pictures of these words in a scene of a fort.

R- Controlled Vowels

In this r controlled vowels worksheet, students circle the correct letters from a column that spell the words seen in a picture above, then write the word beneath the letters.

R-Controlled Vowels: Beginning Sounds

In this r controlled, beginning sounds vowel worksheet, learners circle the letters that spell the word seen in a picture, then write the words.

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