Place Value and Powers of Ten - Reteach 10.1

4th - 5th

A chart displaying the power of 10, standard form of the number, fractional form, and the place value is the tool that you can use to review place value with your clas.s Beneath the chart are seven numbers for pupils to rewrite either in expanded or standard form.

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Place Value Made Simple

Elementary schoolers explore place value to the millions place. They construct and evaluate the value of numbers. Working in small groups, pupils problem solve with pocket place value charts, and examine standard and expanded forms. This resource comes with an engaging worksheet that involves the rolling of dice! Try your luck with this lesson!

Place Value of Whole Numbers Through One Million

Third graders construct numbers to the millions place. For this 30-page place value lesson, learners create numbers and evaluate the place value of digits. They explore standard and expanded form of numbers. An incredible resource!

Let's Party With Place Value

Put on your math caps and explore place value and ways to represent numbers. Learners read, write, and represent whole numbers. They interact with numbers as they read and explore a teacher-created story, play games, and practice their skills. This resource link includes 3 full lessons, a 5 day learning plan and 26 related worksheets. Like they say in Vegas, "Cha-Ching!"

Exploring Place and Space

Students explore number values by completing mathematical worksheets in class. In this decimals lesson, students identify the different place values a number has and the use of decimals to represent a fraction of a number. Students complete several decimal worksheets over the course of three days and utilize number cubes to assist with number comprehension.

BASE-ic Space Travel

In this 3-day place-value lesson, upper-elementary kids investigate the base 5 and base 2 systems as an introduction to exponents and powers. They create a pocket chart to help ground their understanding of bases, exponents, and powers, and then practice applying these concepts in a game. Resources are provided.

Place Value of Decimal Numbers

Students name the place value of decimals. In this decimal lesson, students look at a decimal chart with values to the millionths and they say the place value for certain numbers. They write the fraction that matches the decimal. 

Place Value Tools

Fourth graders practice place value to six digits. In this place value lesson, 4th graders discuss the name of each place value and the value of numbers. They listen to the story One Grain of Rice by Demi and make the numbers listed in the story using number cards. 

Place Value Charts to the Millions Place

In this math worksheet, learners learn to read, write, order and compare numbers and place them on a place value chart. Students begin the 4 pages of exercises by studying a sample place value chart. Learners then fill out 3 other charts with numbers up to the millions. Students understand that the value of a number depends on the position of the digit.

Exploring Place Value with M & Ms

Learners are given 8-10 M&M's and assigned a value for each color from one to hundred thousand. They write their number in standard, written and expanded form, and identify the place and value of various digits.

Pick A Place Value

Understanding place value is the goal of this math lesson. Learners play a game which has them create a number cube, gameboard, and then play the game using the steps outlined in the lesson. The lesson also has adaptations for different levels of abilities.

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