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Your learners practice correct spellings of regular plural nouns. They add correct plural endings to 12 words (-s, -es, or -ies). Then they circle the correctly spelled plural form of nouns (from two choices) in 10 sentences. A box at the top of the page defines singular, plural, and states that to make a noun plural, you have to add one of the three standard endings.  

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Unit 2 Grammar - Irregular Plural Nouns

Here are three grammar worksheets that provide practice and review. Learners read how to form irregular plural nouns by adding -es, then examine lists of irregular plural nouns including those that have the same form for the singular and plural. They find irregular nouns in sentences, replace nouns with those from a word bank, and complete a review/assessment sheet which includes multiple choice questions.

Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

In these singular and plural nouns worksheets, students review the definitions for singular and plural nouns as well as some irregular plural nouns. Students complete three pages of activities for singular and plural nouns.

Using Plural Nouns in Descriptions 2

In this plural nouns worksheet, students add interesting details to their sentences to create vivid word pictures. Students complete three exercises for plural nouns.

Using Plural Nouns in Descriptions

In this plural noun worksheet, students add interesting details to their sentences to create a vivid word picture. Students must spell plural nouns correctly.

Plural Nouns

Print each of the three worksheets here and staple them together to make a grammar packet! Kids review the rules for making regular and irregular singular nouns plural. They write plural forms in isolation and in sentences, choose singular nouns in a box and change them to plural in sentences, and choose multiple choice answers for misspelled plural nouns. There are 11 questions on each page.

Plural Nouns

In these plural nouns worksheets, learners review the definition and rules for plural nouns. Students complete three pages of plural noun exercises.

Spelling Plural Nouns – Adding S

For this plural nouns worksheet, students practice adding an s to plural nouns in different situations. Students complete 5 activities total.

Plural Nouns

In this plural nouns worksheet, students choose whether the plural noun is correct or not, and if not, they choose the plural noun that is. Students complete 8 questions total.

"More Than One"

Help your class learn the spelling rule for adding -es to plural nouns and third-person singular verbs. The resource suggests using songs daily to reinforce the rules. The songs are contained in a Sing Your Way Through Phonics 2-CD set that is pitched for sale in the resource, but lyrics for a song to the tune of "Yankee Doodle" are attached, so the CDs are not necessary to conduct the lesson plan.

Perfecting Plural Nouns

Turn potato into potatoes with a great activity on plural nouns. A quick reference guide at the top of the page shows third graders how to make regular and irregular nouns plural. They list as many nouns as they can think of, then work on nine nouns that end in vowels. 

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