Reading Comprehension (Robert Goddard)

4th - 5th

In this reading comprehension worksheet, students explore the life of Robert Goddard. Students read a passage about Robert Goddard and answer four multiple choice questions.

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Understanding Newton's Laws

For this physics worksheet, students investigate Newton's Three Laws. In this multiple choice, matching, and short answer worksheet, student answer eleven questions.

Readings in Hudson River Natural History

Reading and understanding informational text is a key element to understanding every discipline. Elementary learners read three different articles focused on various animals and habitats in the Hudson River. They answer comprehension questions about each article. Worksheets, articles, vocabulary, and answer keys are included.

Physical Properties and Changes

Fourth graders expand their knowledge about the physical properties of matter and how those properties can be changed. Students are given multiple opportunities, using first-hand experiences and familiar objects in different contexts, to identify characteristics of a physical change.

The Open Ocean, What is it and How Does it Change?

Young scholars investigate the ocean environment. In this ocean lesson, students discover the physical properties of the ocean. Over two days, young scholars work in small groups investigating ocean maps and creating water currents.

The Same But Different

Fourth graders identify the characteristics of a simple physical change. They describe objects by the properties of the materials from which they are made. Students discuss the different states of matter and their distinct physical properties.

Reading Comprehension Quiz: The Human Leg

In this reading comprehension activity, students read a short passage about the human leg, then answer 4 multiple choice questions. Answers are included.

Reading Comprehension: Guglielmo Marconi

In this reading comprehension activity, students read a short passage about Guglielmo Marconi, then answer 4 multiple choice questions. Answers are included.

Fit for Our Future

Students understand the importance of physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle.  In this health lesson students create a display and presentation about what they learned. 

Reading Comprehension Quiz

In this reading comprehension instructional activity, students read a 4 paragraph selection regarding Kepler. Students respond to 4 multiple choice questions.

The Physics of Cell Phones

Students explain how cell phones work. In this physics lesson, students describe the advantages and advantages of having one. They identify the different parts of a cell phone.

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