Reading Comprehension: The Community Garden

2nd - 3rd

In this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a passage titled, "The Community Garden" and complete 5 multiple choice comprehension questions. 

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Reading an Informational Text: "It All Started with Sputnik"

Sputnik was one of the greatest scientific advancements of the 1950s, and this reading lesson plan does it justice. Pupils start off with pre-reading questions and a video. They then read an excerpt from an article, which is accompanied by vocabulary, short-answer questions, and other close reading tasks. Small groups work on the questions together and all pupils must decide on the author's purpose. Also included is a set of writing assignment suggestions, which could use more detail.

Grade 1 Literacy in Social Studies: My Informational Report About Community Workers

Get ready to teach a unit about community workers that uses Common Core literacy standards as a way to connect language arts and social studies. The packet is printable and contains teaching strategies, scripted activities, and performance tasks for reading and writing with informational texts. Children will learn about and discuss the role community workers play in their everyday lives, as well as explore the use of textual evidence in their writing and their speaking. Both the reader's and writer's workshops are broken down into comprehensive tasks by day. Worksheets, graphic organizers, web links, rubric, and standard rationale are all included.

Make Your Own Garden

Students explore gardening. In this Quiet in the Garden lesson plan, students read the picture book by Aliki and extend the lesson by taking part in up to 5 hands-on activities.

Growing Minds: Garden Planning

School gardens are rich in cross-curricular learning opportunities! Excellent ideas put learners in charge of organizing and planning. Begin with a book about gardening (recommended titles provided), and discuss learners' prior knowledge and associations with gardening. They discuss the tools and conditions necessary for a garden, and examine seasonal vegetables. Learners design their own dream gardens from a birds-eye view, combining ideas into a class plan.

Garden Grid

Basically, your class reads about different garden plants from an included handout and seed packets that you provide, and then uses a grid to plan out where to place the plants. They can practice counting with the seeds, grouping, graphing, and calculating both area and perimeter of the garden. The publisher of this resource claims that over 60 Common Core standards can be met over grades K-8, however, you will need to read through it carefully and determine which are actually feasible for your specific grade level and subject needs.

Reading: merit badge

In this reading worksheet, students use their workbook to answer short answer questions about reading and fill out a reading log. Students complete 4 questions total and read 5 books to get their merit badge.

Differentiated Reading Groups

Students explore language arts by participating in a group activity. In this independent reading lesson, students read a story titled "Chicken and the Egg" and analyze the themes and conflict of the story. Students identify how the letter "E" is used in different sections of the story.

Comprehension of Informational Text

Determine a purpose for reading informational text. They work in groups to skim an assigned text in order to determine a purpose for reading the text more closely. Fifth graders complete a reading plan, read the text, and then evaluate the plan for its effectiveness.

Summer Reading to Encourage Professional Development

A compilation of titles to engage, motivate, and inspire educators for another year of teaching and learning.

Mr. Kean's Garden

Learners complete pre reading, writing, and post reading activities for the book Mr. Kean's Garden. In this guided reading lesson plan, students complete writing, go over vocabulary, answer short answer questions, have discussions, and more.

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