Religious Helter Skelter Quizzes

7th - 9th

In this Religious Helter Skelter worksheet, students answer twelve questions by filling in the blank and then locate the answers in a word search puzzle. Finally, there is a decoding activity to decipher a message.

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Abraham Lincoln and the Five-Dollar Note

Students study Presidential history by researching Abraham Lincoln.  In this U.S. history lesson, students discuss the changes in the 5 dollar bill and create a timeline of Abraham Lincoln's life.  Students complete a puzzle activity based on the leadership characteristics of Lincoln.

Renaissance and Reformation Chapter Test

This is a traditional textbook chapter test on the Renaissance and Reformation, complete with eight multiple choice questions, six fill-in-the-blank, and a 10-question matching section identifying key individuals and terms from the period. There is also a brief analysis section on a map illustrating the spread of Protestantism across Europe. 

The First Easter

In this Easter fun activity worksheet, students use the 32 clues to identify the words needed to complete the crossword puzzle.

Who Rules?

From a mind-mapping anticipation set to an interactive check for understanding activity, this resource is an excellent lesson plan on identifying major forms of government around the world and analyzing examples of real-world governments. Here you'll find all the materials you need to help learners compare and contrast major features of different governments, including a step-by-step instructional plan, well-designed worksheets, presentation, and answer keys. 

World War Two Causes

Background sheets, crossword puzzles, graphic organizers... oh my! If you're searching for a range of activities and worksheets on the subject of the onset of World War II, then this is the booklet for you. Featured topics include the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler's rise to power, the failure of appeasement, and the first German invasions of the war.

Solving the Puzzle

Students create a map showing the United States borders at a specific period in history and produce three questions to be answered by examining the map. They also write a productive paragraph explaining who, what, when, where, how/why a particular piece of land was acquired by the United States.

Keys to Growth in Christ

Students explore ways to grow close to Jesus Christ. In this religious studies lesson, students read and analyze scripture from John, Matthew, and Romans. Students then complete a KWLQ chart based on the readings and write about the way Jesus works in their own lives. Students examine Christian practices during the Great Depression as well.

Political Puzzles

Students investigate how different liberal democracies around the world organize their governments and decide major policies. They compare their findings to the American political system, using examples of current political issues.

Latin Roots Cern, Jur, Leg: Fill in the Blanks Quiz features three levels of words for each root; this fill-in-the-blanks quiz contains a word bank of beginner vocabulary containing the roots cern/cer/cre, jur/jus, and leg. You can print it out, or your learners can take the quiz online, check their answers, and email their results to you for review. Rigorous for beginners, these words and roots connect nicely to social studies, government, and law.

Taking a Closer Look at Religions Around the World

Students explore various faith traditions. In this religious tolerance lesson, students compare and contrast faiths, rituals, and traditions. Students discuss what attracts people to certain faith traditions.

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