Religious Helter Skelter Quizzes

7th - 9th

In this Religious Helter Skelter instructional activity, learners answer twelve questions by filling in the blank and then locate the answers in a word search puzzle. Finally, there is a decoding activity to decipher a message.

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School History

An Environmental Puzzle: The Carbon Cycle

Middle school science stars examine fuels and energy with a variety of activities. They begin with a KWL chart, read an informative passage, and then complete a puzzle. The puzzle itself is included. Cleverly, each piece corresponds to a statement which learners must determine if it is true or false. They will only be able to complete the puzzle if they answer each correctly. This foundational topic is presented in a creative way. 

Puzzles and Brain Teasers

In this brain teasers worksheet, students solve a variety of word puzzles. For example, "What is a clever cat called? (a witty kitty).

Module 8 ~ The Energy Story

Five lessons give 6th through 8th graders a survey of simple machines and energy concepts. A shuffled-letter pretest serves as an anticpatory set. Then explorers perform several activities for demonstrating forces, the use of simple machines, and energy transformations. Plenty of informational text and fill-in-the-blank questions are provided. This resource consists mainly of student handouts and answer keys rather than teacher's notes.

Some Puzzling Thoughts about Space Radiation

In this space radiation worksheet, students solve 22 algebraic expressions for "x". They use their answers which correlate with a word in a word bank. They use these words to fill in the blanks of sentences about the effects of space radiation.

Quotable Slope Puzzle

In this puzzle worksheet, students find the slope of 14 pairs of points. Students use the final 14 answers to help answer a quotable puzzle.

Finding the Structure: Pieces of the Puzzle

Students gather information about DNA. In this biology lesson, students watch video clips of scientists discussing their contribution to the understanding of DNA, then work a puzzle correlating information to scientist. Lesson includes extension activities.

Soduko Puzzle

In this calculus worksheet, student solve problems by taking the derivative of the function as x approaches a specific limit. They evaluate trig functions using the properties of trig. There are 26 questions with an answer key.

Sudoku Puzzle: Logs and Exponentials

In this logarithms and exponential worksheet, students solve 29 multiple choice problems.  Students use their answers to solve a sudoku puzzle.

Pre-Calculus Sudoku Puzzle

In this pre-calculus worksheet, student solve 35 multiple choice problems and then place the answers in a Sudoku puzzle form. This worksheet would be a great warm up or fun test review.

Solving the Puzzle

Students create a map showing the United States borders at a specific period in history and produce three questions to be answered by examining the map. They also write a productive paragraph explaining who, what, when, where, how/why a particular piece of land was acquired by the United States.

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