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For this writing worksheet, students learn to use similes to make comparisons that will make the text more interesting. Students read a story about Annie Oakley and answer 7 questions about the similes in the text.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Discuss the life of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This story, called "Franklin D. Roosevelt" by Laura Hamilton Waxman, is used to explore comprehension skills. Some of these skills include identifying prefixes and suffixes, making comparisons, and persuasive writing techniques.

Roberto Clemente

Have your class explore the life of Roberto Clemente using this lesson. After reading the story Roberto Clemente by Jonah Winter, learners answer cause and effect questions, classify ideas, make comparisons, and write a news article.

Planning Writing: Making Notes for the Accessing Books Around the World Informative Paragraph

Encourage your young writers to thoughtfully plan and organize their work. First, model how this is done and vocalize your thought process as you work. Next, create a class list of strategies that they can use during independent writing time. Finally, allot some time for work. Pupils can use the provided graphic organizer to structure the paragraphs. The lesson is part of a unit about traveling libraries and access to books in rural areas. Take a look at the rest of the unit to get an idea of the process.The strategies could easily be applied to other texts.

Let's Make Comparisons

For this writing comparisons worksheet, students read explanations of how to write comparisons when things are similar in a certain aspect. They read how to use the negative comparison format. They write 10 original comparison sentences using the given words.

Making Comparisons in Your Writing

In this comparative writing worksheet, students learn to use different forms of adjectives to help their readers understand a how-to report. Students complete three activities that help them with that process.

English - "as Big As" -similes

In this similes worksheet, students read a selection about similes and complete 10 similes. Students create five similes and write a paragraph using their similes.

Noah Writes a B and B Letter Vocabulary

In this Noah Writes a B and B Letter vocabulary worksheet, students respond to 5 matching and 5 fill in the blank questions. Students are also asked to write a comparison essay.

Teach Text Features and Read Nonfiction

Increase non-fiction reading comprehension by completing a pre-reading organizer to identify the non-fiction text features and also making comparisons to features of fictional books. To prepare for reading a non-fiction selection, learners engage in think-aloud strategies and prediction. They then read the selection, paying attention to the text features and to the way pictures and other graphics inform the meaning.

Writing: Mentor Text Lesson & Microteaching 

Mentor texts are a great way to demonstrate how to write with purpose. Pupils will be reintroduced to two well-known books and then asked to think about them from the writer's point of view. They will see that the author had to use basic story elements to build a story with purpose. They will then write a story of their own and share it in writer's circle.

Write an Introduction for an Informational Text

Start your informational essay off right with a strong introduction, the focus of the sixth of nine videos on using text resources to write an essay. In particular, it discusses how to structure the paragraph around a great hook to make sure readers are interested, using a three-step writing process to generate ideas, write drafts, revise, and edit. If your class happens to be working on a Native American unit, a wealth of text resources is also included that kids could refer to in creating their essay.

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