Simple Future Tense


In this simple future tense worksheet, 4th graders read and copy 40 sentences which show the correct usage of the simple future tense.

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Action Verbs: ESL Lesson 1

Verbs are so exciting, especially action verbs! Jump into action and get your ESL class fluent in using and identifying verbs in sentences. They participate in three different activities that will help them define what action verbs are, how to locate them in sentence, and how to use them correctly. Two of the activities are actually games that could potentially be used to teach other parts of speech.

Say When: Using Past, Present and Future Tense Verbs

In this past, present and future tense verbs activity, students decide if the underlined verb in 6 sentences are past, present or future tense verbs, write a present tense verb in 4 sentence and a past tense verb in 4 sentences. Students write a future tense verb in 4 sentences and answer two short answer questions.

Future Tense Verbs

In this future tense worksheet, students underline future tense verbs in sentences, write them to complete sentences, and make up 2 sentences about something that will happen in the future.

Test Your Grammar Skills: How To Get From Bed To Work in 27 Easy Steps! – Past Simple Verbs

In this grammar worksheet, students will change the underlined verbs in each sentence from present simple to past simple tense.

The Future 

This teacher guide provides several ideas for how to structure a unit on the futur simple. Start by having your class read the short passage provided about  Google. As they read, pupils should categorize verbs by type to highlight verbs used in the future tense. While a few different activities are suggested, consider using the fortune-teller to engage your class. It's simple: pair kids up; one acts as the fortune-teller, and one acts as the client. Obviously both the questions and the answers will be in the future tense!

French Language Quiz #1

When do you use the future tense? Give your intermediate French speakers this two-page packet to help them master the future tense. They complete fill-in-th- blank sentences, identify whether a series of sentences should use le futur simple or le futur proche, and then they write sentences using both tenses. 

French Grammar Worksheet: futur simple

Help your Francophiles master the futur simple tense. There are five exercises provided here that require the writer to conjugate words in the target tense and create sentences in the future. 

Future Simple (will) positive exercise

In this future simple verb instructional activity, students complete ten sentences in the future perfect tense. Students add "will" to the sentence to complete it in the correct tense.

English Exercises: Present Simple Tense Affirmative Sentences Part 1

In this present simple verb tense online worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 34 affirmative sentences. They fill in the blanks using the correct form of the words that are shown in parentheses. They use the "Done" button to submit their answers.

The Future Tense

What will your Spanish class learn today? Maybe they will learn all about the future tense! Take a look at this resource for information on ways to talk about the future without actually using the future tense, regular and irregular future tense verbs, and how to use the future tense. A presentation, two reference-style pages, and a practice exercise are all accessible from the webpage.

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