Simple Past Tense


In this simple past tense worksheet, 4th graders read the rule for simple past tense, then read and copy 72 sentences (9 to a page on 8 pages).

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Simple Past Verbs-- Goldilocks

In this language arts worksheet, students change verb tenses into the simple past form. Students read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears which has all verbs missing. Students supply the missing past tense verbs. This appears to be intended for ELL students but is usable for all.

Simple Past Tense-Beginners

In this simple past tense worksheet, students read about forming past tense, then put verbs in sentences into past tense and rewrite sentences in past tense.

Narratives in the Simple Past

Students compliment other's past actions, describe actions in the past tense and recognize the simple past forms in a folktale.

Narratives in the Simple Past

Students recognize the simple past forms in a folktale. They supply some of these forms when asked

Present Perfect or Simple Past

In this present perfect or simple past worksheet, learners choose the correct forms of verbs to complete the sentences and complete a word search. Students complete 3 activities.

Simple Past Tense Quiz

In this online quiz activity, students answer a set of multiple choice questions about simple past tense. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.

ESL: Past Simple/Irregular Verbs

In this ESL past simple irregular verbs worksheet, students fill in missing verbs in sentences, then use the words to complete a crossword puzzle. 

Narrating in Simple Past with Video

Young scholars practice in constructing simple past tense forms and checking for subject verb agreement.

Simple Past Tense

In this simple past tense worksheet, students rewrite sentences, write interrogative sentences, change sentences, and ask questions. Students complete 47 sentences total.

Simple Past

An interactive online worksheet for practicing simple past tense verb forms features cute pictures, and offers a decent challenge with three exercises. First, learners choose the correct form of a verb from a drop-down menu to complete each of 10 sentences correctly. Then they indicate if each of 10 more verbs is regular or irregular and type the correct past tense form in a box. Finally, given 10 other verbs in a list, they find the past tense of each in a word search.

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