Subject and Object Pronouns, Possessive and Personal Pronouns

3rd - 5th

In this pronoun worksheet, students study a table of subject, object, possessive and personal pronouns, then fill in blanks in sentences with correct pronouns.

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Who's Who? Subject and Object Pronouns

In this subject/object pronoun worksheet, students play a game, choosing cards with pronouns written on them and placing the pronoun in sentence. Other players determine whether it has been correctly used in the sentence to score points.

Using Personal Pronouns Correctly

Complete personal pronoun practice activities. Pupils use correct personal pronoun form in sentences the teacher writes on the board. They review the function of a pronoun and the various cases and practice placing personal pronouns by writing sentences that follow given directions. They write an essay describing the unique traits of their family members.

Reflexive Pronouns

For this language arts worksheet, students learn that pronouns and subjects must match. Students read the information on the page, then fill in the correct pronouns in 20 sentences.

Test Your Grammar Skills: Personal and Possessive Pronouns (gap-fill)

Practice personal and possessive pronouns by filling in the blanks. Learners are given information about different types of pronouns and can use that information to fill out the worksheet. Arrows help to clarify what information applies to each blank. Useful for a quick warm-up or homework assignment.


Young scholars play a game. In this pronouns lesson, students watch a video and read a book about pronouns. Young scholars review types of pronouns, fill in missing pronouns in sentences, read a newspaper article and find as many pronouns as possible and play pronoun bingo.

Number Please: Singular or Plural Pronouns?

In this pronouns worksheet, students fill in 4 blanks relating to facts about pronouns, put an S or P next to 10 sentences with underlined pronouns, write 2 sentences, one with a singular pronoun and one with a plural pronoun and list 3 singular pronouns that begin with the letter M.

Speaker, Speaker: Using Pronouns to Show Person

In this pronouns worksheet, students fill in 12 blanks completing 7 facts about pronouns, read 8 sentences and determine if the underlined pronoun in each sentence is told in first, second or third person.

Personal Pronouns: Putting It All Together

In this personal pronouns activity, students fill in 10 fill in the blank answers about personal pronouns and choose which multiple choice pronoun in parentheses correctly completes 8 sentences. Students practice using the pronouns I or me in 4 sentences and determine if the 8 underlined pronouns in 8 sentences are plural or singular.

Subject and Object Personal Pronouns and Possessives

In this subject and object personal pronouns and possessives worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences, change the underlined words, choose pronouns, and more. Students complete 4 activities.

Subject/Object Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives

In this pronouns activity, learners choose the correct object or subject pronouns for sentences and rewrite sentences and eliminate a word. Students complete 3 activities.

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