Test Your Speaking & Listening Skills: How To Give a Small Group Or Individual Presentation

5th - 11th

How do you structure oral presentations? Guide your orators with this plan. Groups of English language learners will practice presenting their opinion in response to the question "Do you think the death penalty is justified for some crimes?" The example template shows two main ideas, supporting details, and sentence frames that one would use to argue their opinion. A solid introduction to presentations!

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Learning From World War II and Connecting It to the Present

Compare and contrast World War II to the Iraqi war with this lesson. After watching a film, they use supporting evidence to support their point of view of the conflicts. Using the internet, they create a presentation to share with the class what information they have gathered from examining World War II.

Human Sexuality Presentations

Students examine human health by researching the internet. In this human sexuality lesson, students utilize the web to locate a website which contains information about a certain sexual aspect. Students create a group presentation on one subject from a list of human sexuality topics and participate in a class discussion regarding the web presentations.

Skill 10: Present to Groups

After a brief class discussion about public speaking, individuals complete a handout that asks them to reflect on the best and worst presentations they've seen. The extension activity involves students presenting to the class on a regular basis. There is also a development plan for improving this skill. 

Building Reading Skills: Fluency

Young scholars practice their fluency skills. In this fluency lesson, students read aloud stories to their peers and they help to coach one another on their fluency, pronunciation, phrasing, and inflection. They discuss what makes a good reader enjoyable to listen to and easy to understand. 

Developing Presentation Skills by Using Authentic Literature

Advanced level ESL students engage in an increasing verbal communication skills through children's literature. The focus of these activities is for children to develope presentation skills. Each activity would compliment any class room.


Students demonstrate how to give a good presentation. In this presentation lesson plan, students focus on their appearance, booklets to hand out, and delivery of information.

Opinion Surveys

Young scholars examine the factors that affect the accuracy of opinion surveys. They calculate probability and chance using data they have collected. They practice reading tables and graphs as well.

From Generation to Generation

Kids find out through art analysis and discussion that a plate isn't always just a plate, but the product of pottery skills passed down from generation to generation. After considering the skill and art of pottery, they interview a family member to discover what skill has been passed down in his or her family. Using their notes, students then compose an explanatory letter describing that skill to future generations. 

Odyssey of the Mind Curriculum Activity: Performing Arts

The classical arts have made a lasting impact on our society and your advanced learners get to find out why. The activity starts as the children create a list of the arts found in society, they discuss how these art forms impact their lives and define the differences between classical and popular art. Each small group is assigned an art form from the class list; they will research the history and social impact of that art form and present their findings using the art form as the presentation medium. The whole class takes on the role of art critic as they critically examine the effectiveness and artistic skill of each small group performance. Activity-based learning, based on classical art forms, fantastic!

Guess What It Is?

Third graders write and present a descriptive 'powergraph' that describes a secret object using prior knowledge of adjectives, clustering graphic organizers, and presentation skills. Authors read powergraphs and classmates 'Guess What It Is.'

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