Text Features and Author's Purpose

7th - 12th

How do the text features support the purpose of the text? Help your class study different text features by providing them with this resource. Using the graphic organizer, readers will scan a text, searching for text features. 

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Hurricane Katrina

Students read and discuss nonfiction text. In this guided reading instructional activity, students discuss text features found in the text. Students read and discuss the story.

Analyzing Information In Supplemental Graphics

Investigate how graphics in informational text enhance the author's purpose. Your class will discuss the benefits of graphics in informational texts such as text books, and use a rubric to evaluate the graphics. Additionally, they bring in articles to evaluate, and develop a graphic that enhances a text article provided by the teacher. Use this resource to emphasize textual evidence in informational text.

Reading Comprehension: History of the Periodic Table

Although the article that launches this lesson is about the history of the Periodic Table, the objective is reading comprehension. Using the eight-page informational text, learners answer five comprehension questions and craft one essay. They utilize text features such as headings and graphics to more efficiently move through the questions, and mark the text as they read to note important facts. This is also a great way to teach vocabulary in context and text features. The reading is not difficult or long.

Analysis Frame: Informational Nonfiction

Picking apart an informational text can be tricky, but having the right questions to ask can certainly help the process. Begin with the basic questions about the topic, main idea, support, and purpose before moving on the the in-depth questions relating to form and organization, author's purpose, writer's craft, and student evaluation of the text.

Gathering Evidence and Drafting a Two-Voice Poem (Chapter 13: "Los Duraznos/Peaches")

Begin class with a short comprehension quiz and review and then move into a new genre: two-voice poems. The lesson provides information about this type of poetry as well as a video example made by eighth graders that you can show your class. After watching and listening, class members can refer to the included transcript as they compose their own two-voice poems comparing and contrasting two characters from the novel Esperanza Rising, by Pam Muñoz Ryan. Spend some time discussing text features and previous notes about the characters before sending pupils off with their graphic organizers to draft their poems with a partner or small group. Close by sharing golden lines from the poems.

Informational Text Features 

How can you tell if the text you're reading is informational or narrative? Show your reading class this basic PowerPoint to illustrate the characteristics of an informational text. What makes this presentation especially effective is that it uses grade-level texts, charts, and graphics to help assess the viewers. 

Identify Text Features in Nonfiction  

What does a non-fiction text look like? Examine the text features of non-fiction. Middle and high schoolers read non-fiction passages provided by their instructor and analyze the texts for word choice, details, and organization.

Analyzing Nonfiction Text Features - Graphs

Young scholars examine the text features of non-fiction. In this literacy lesson, students practice reading graphs and discover the authors intent for using them in primary and secondary sources.

Analyzing Non-Fiction Text Features- Graphs

Students examine the text features of non-fiction. For this literacy lesson, students practice reading graphs and discover the authors intent for using them in primary and secondary sources.

Create College-Ready Readers with Text-Dependent Questions

Build content literacy and cater to the Common Core State Standards by creating text-dependent questions to accompany reading passages.

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