The Infinitive Phrase 

7th - 9th

What is an infinitive phrase? Read the information at the top of the page before sending your class off to complete the sentences independently. For each of 20 sentences listed, your learner must underline the infinitive phrase. The second page contains the answers. 

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Verbs: Future, Present, and Past Tense

Third graders take a look at how to use verbs in the present tense. They do this by acting out action verbs, (such as, running, jumping, etc.), writing down the verbs they acted out, using those words in written sentences, then playing a present-tense bingo game. The lesson plan is chock-full of terrific printable worksheets, useful websites, Bingo sheets, and game cards for the kids to use. It is extremely well-written, and has many educationally sound activites embedded in it.

Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases

In this infinitives and infinitive phrases worksheet, students identify the infinitive or infinitive phrases in 9 sentences and describe their functions as either noun, adjective, or adverb. Students then combine 3 pairs of sentences with infinitive phrases.

Verb Masquerade: Verbals Don't Act Like Verbs

For this verb worksheet, students read 6 sentences, look at the underlined words in each one and decide whether each underlined word is a gerund, infinitive or participle. Students use the word jump to write a simple sentence for one of the three verbals.

Making Use of Infinitives, Lesson 24

To use this presentation about infinitives in your middle school class would be a great idea! Several examples of infinitive phrases and their multiple uses will help your young grammarians learn the value of varying their sentence structure. The last 15 slides feature a practice activity.

Using Infinitives

Infinitives have multiple purposes. Introduce your Spanish class to the variety of ways to use infinitives other than simply conjugating them. Use the material and presentation included here to inspire and inform a lesson on infinitives. Pupils can learn to use infinitives as subjects, as objects of a verb, as objects of a preposition, in special expressions, and as impersonal commands. Accurate examples and explanations for each situation are provided.

Phrase Practice Exercise

In this grammar worksheet, students identify the underlined phrase or clauses in twenty sentences as prepositional, participial, gerund or an infinitive phrase.

Verb Sheet

Students complete template on the conjugation of any tense of verbs in Spanish, and then write teacher-dictated sentences using these verbs.

Restating Infinitive Phrases

In this infinitive phrases worksheet, students change the sentence around so that the infinitive phrase is now a gerund phrase. Students complete 10 sentences.

Interactive Phrase Quiz #2

In this grammar worksheet, learners identify if each underlined phrase in twenty sentences are infinitive, appositive, gerund, prepositional, clause or a participial phrase.

Interactive Phrase Quiz #1

In this grammar worksheet, students identify the underlined phrase in twenty sentences as infinitive, appositive, gerund, prepositional, clause or a participial phrase.

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