The Prefix con-

6th - 9th

In this vocabulary and word study learning exercise, students explore the prefix con- as they complete 5 fill in blank questions. Students may also complete the challenge question at the bottom of the sheet.

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Vocabulary Unit 1.3: Everyday Objects

Can your class tell the difference between various household items? Have them use a word bank to complete a series of vocabulary exercises, which include fill-in-the-blanks and matching words to pictures.

Vocabulary Study: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Build vocabulary while reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. Provided here is a great resource to use as a companion piece to your literature instruction. The packet is made up of 50 words separated into five lists of ten. Each list has a corresponding fill-in-the-blank exercise. Test your pupils' knowledge of vocabulary and literature with the 25-question vocabulary quiz and the provided essay prompt.

Vocabulary Unit 1.2: Everyday Objects, Free Time

Your class has many interests and hobbies outside school hours. Have them study the words used for these activities, as well as words for everyday objects in their home, in a vocabulary worksheet that includes word banks, a crossword puzzle, and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Vocabulary Unit 3.3: Life Events and Feelings

How does your class feel about events in their lives, such as falling in love or learning to drive? Work on vocabulary for both life events and feelings with a worksheet that includes matching activities and fill-in-the-blanks.

Language Focus and Vocabulary Unit Three: Present Perfect

Give your learners the tools and vocabulary to talk about the Internet and related technology. There are six exercises on this sheet that focus on the present perfect and technology-related vocabulary. English language learners fill in blanks, put together sentences, and conjugate verbs. Try these out as daily warm-up exercises or homework assignments.

A Lesson in Vocabulary with El Bronx Remembered

After reading El Bronx Remembered by Nicholasa Mohr, learners complete a KWL graphic organizer based on vocabulary from the novella. A SMARTboard presentation is a good resource for reviewing the vocabulary, as well as the triple-entry vocabulary journal and vocabulary quiz (all attached). 

Build Automaticity with Weekly Vocabulary Exercises

Require a deeper understanding and application of your weekly vocabulary words by presenting in-class exercises that build automaticity.

Take the Prefix Challenge

Students form words using prefixes.  In this prefix lesson, students compete in a "prefix challenge" to see which team can combine a set of twelve prefixes with a set of twelve words fastest.  Students enter their words in a word log and add a Visual Thesaurus definition.

Take the Prefix Challenge!

Help your class develop useful decoding skills to tackle new vocabulary they encounter and, at the same time, broaden their repertoires for writing. Learners compete in teams to see who can create the largest number of words by combining a set of prefixes with a set of base words. They check their new creations with the Visual Thesaurus. Interesting warm-up activities are included to encourage studying words. 

The Visual Thesaurus and the SAT

Demonstrate strategies for tackling unfamiliar vocabulary words in preparation for the SAT. Using Visual Thesaurus computer software, middle and high schoolers interpret contextual clues, solve sample sentence completion questions, and write original sentence completion questions.

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