The Punic Wars

5th - 10th

In this Punic Wars learning exercise, students fill in the blanks to sentences about the Punic Wars. Students complete 18 sentences total on this learning exercise.

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Literature Study of the Civil War Era

Learn more about the Civil War. Young scholars will choose a novel based on the Civil War to learn more about the viewpoints of that time period. They will then discuss the roles of the members of a Literature Circle and then participate in various discussion and writing activities following the novel they choose. Book title suggestions and handouts are included in this activity.

The Korean War and Mock UN Reunification Debate

Students examine the implication of the Korean War. In this Korean War lesson plan, students investigate the war, the Demilitarized Zone, and consider the reunification question. Students research the topic and participate in a mock UN debate.

Civil War - Create A Living Timeline

Take your traditional timeline project on the Civil War to the next level! From the attack on Fort Sumter in 1861 to the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865, your class members will research a particular event and then teach their classmates about the significance of their event.

World War I WebQuest

Students reflect on the events before, during and after World War I.  For this World History lesson, students complete a WebQuest that focuses specifically on the key events of World War I.

Early U. S. Involvement in World War II

Ninth graders examine how the U. S. was aided by the Allies in World War II before the U. S. declared war. They analyze the evolution of U. S. foreign policy from the beginning of WW II through U. S. Declaration of War

World War Two Causes

Background sheets, crossword puzzles, graphic organizers... oh my! If you're searching for a range of activities and worksheets on the subject of the onset of World War II, then this is the booklet for you. Featured topics include the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler's rise to power, the failure of appeasement, and the first German invasions of the war.

A Just War or Just a War?

What, if anything, makes a war "just"? This is an interesting and important question to explore with your class, and you can utilize an excellent lesson plan to support your group inquiry. The American Revolution and the War of 1812 are focus subjects in this investigation into the concept and justification behind war as a whole.

American Revolution and Civil War Review

Students explore the United States history of wars. In this American Revolution and Civil War lesson, students identify the Southern states on a map, and locate the geographic location of the Civil War's major battles.  Students complete a Venn diagram comparing the Civil War to the American Revolution and answer related questions.

Wars and Revolutions

Students explore how World War I and the Russian Revolution shaped the world. They participate in a series of background knowledge activities and then work in small groups to create a newspaper containing a cover story, debate, weather page, editorial, current events, obituary, political cartoon, and man of the year from the time period during the Revolution.

Civil War Research

Eighth graders research different aspects of the Civil War using various multi-media techniques. Students create a report based on their research that includes views of the war from the point of view of the North, South and slaves.

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