Triangles and Quadrilaterals

7th - 9th

In this polygon instructional activity, students classify triangles and quadrilaterals according to their characteristics.  This one-page instructional activity contains 5 multiple-choice problems.

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McGrawHill Glencoe

Vocabulary Study: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Into the Wild provides high school scholars a rich opportunity for vocabulary study. The teacher overview includes an alphabetical list of the 50 words drawn from Jon Krakauer’s book, templates for the student lists, fill-in-the-blank quizzes, and a final, multiple choice exam. The learners’ lists include the definition, pronunciation guide, derivatives, and a showing sentence drawn from the text.

Algebra 2 Honors/IB Mid-Term Exam

In this mid-term learning exercise, students solve equations dealing with such topics as slope-intercept, quadratic equations, symmetry, writing algebraic equations, matrix, functions, combinations, and inequalities.  This 51-page learning exercise contains 80 multiple-choice problems.  Answers are provided at the end of the problems.

Formative Assessments: Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol provides the text for a formative assessment exercise designed for middle schoolers. Patterned on the AP exam, the packet includes a treasure trove of materials including answer keys, rationales, metadata, and attributes for each question, sample essays, and scoring guides for each essay prompt. The three types of assessments included (close reading multiple choice, editing multiple choice, and essay response) are designed to build the skills of learners and give feedback to instructors. Well worth a place in your curriculum library.

Examples of Simple Thermodynamics Multiple Choice Problems

In this thermodynamics worksheet, students answer eight multiple choice questions about topics such as heat of reactions, enthalpy, entropy and combustion.

Geometry Standardized Test Practice

In this angles and figures review worksheet, 10th graders solve and complete 39 different multiple choice problems. First, they find the length of a line between two given points. Then, students name the type of transformation and the coordinate corresponding to a given point. They also find the area of an equilateral triangle.

Exam 1 Review Calculus with Applications

In this functions worksheet, learners identify the domain and range of a function.  They find the slope of a line.  Students determine the limits of an equation and note the discontinuous and continuous functions.  This three-page worksheet contains 14 multiple-choice problems.

Standardized Geometry Test Practice

In this angles, lines and figures review learning exercise, 10th graders solve and complete 33 standardized multiple choice problems. First, they use the Segment Addition Postulate to solve for a variable given an equation for each line. Then, students use the Law of Syllogism and the given statements to write a conditional statement. In addition, they determine the postulate or theorem that can best prove the given statements.

Academic Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics: Algebra I and Geometry

Test your class, or use this 12 page math packet as chapter review. They solve 21 multiple choice problems which require them to graph linear equations, find the volume of prisms and cones, find unknown angles, and determine the perimeter of triangles.

Math Vocabulary Definitions-Multiple Choice

For this math vocabulary worksheet, students complete 15 multiple choice problems, choosing the correct definition for a set of math terms. A reference web site is included for additional activities. 

Multiple Choice Grammar Review

In this grammar worksheet, learners complete multiple choice questions where they fill in the blanks to sentences with the appropriate grammar of the word. Students complete 10 sentences total.

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