Triangles and Quadrilaterals

7th - 9th

In this polygon worksheet, learners classify triangles and quadrilaterals according to their characteristics.  This one-page worksheet contains 5 multiple-choice problems.

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Academic Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics: Algebra I and Geometry

Test your class, or use this 12 page math packet as chapter review. They solve 21 multiple choice problems which require them to graph linear equations, find the volume of prisms and cones, find unknown angles, and determine the perimeter of triangles.

Two Triangles' Area

Geometry juniors apply the Pythagorean theorem to two triangles to determine a final calculation. 

Algebra 2 Honors/IB Mid-Term Exam

In this mid-term learning exercise, students solve equations dealing with such topics as slope-intercept, quadratic equations, symmetry, writing algebraic equations, matrix, functions, combinations, and inequalities.  This 51-page learning exercise contains 80 multiple-choice problems.  Answers are provided at the end of the problems.

45-45-90 Triangles

The process for calculating values using a right triangle with angles of 45 degrees is covered in this third portion of the Pythagorean Theorem series. Here, Sal uses algebra to calculate the value of an angle. The solution to the sample problems involves a complicated resolution. As a result, it would be helpful in preparing for the SAT.

7-2 Self Check Pythagorean Theorem Multiple Choice

Middle and high schoolers use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the length of the sides of a right triangle. They solve distance problems. This one-page learning exercise contains 10 multiple-choice problems. This is self-checking learning exercise.

Area of 2D Shapes Multiple Choice

In this area worksheet, students compute the area of circles, parallelograms and rectangles.  This one-page worksheet contains 5 multiple-choice problems.  Answers are provided in this online worksheet.

Self-Check for Triangle Congruence Proofs Multiple Choice

In this triangle congruence worksheet, students select the postulate that is being illustrated to prove congruence between triangles. The worksheet is self-scoring. Once students select the "check your work" link, they are given their score as well as a brief and concise description of why their answer is correct or incorrect. There are five questions on the worksheet.

Division word problems

In this division worksheet, students complete division problems dealing with money, basic problems, and more. Students complete 10 multiple choice problems.

Least Common Multiple

Give students detailed instructions on how to find the Least Common Multiple as well as practice with this thorough introductory instructional activity. Instructions for this instructional activity include an explanation of both guess and check as well as prime factorization method as ways of finding a LCM for two numbers. Additionally the practice section provides eight multiple choice problems which can be completed as a instructional activity or an interactive online quiz.

Similar Triangles Multiple Choice

In this triangle relationships worksheet, students identify measurements in similar and congruent triangles. Each problem features a drawing of two or more triangles. Students identify missing measurements. There are 5 multiple choice problems. The worksheet is self-scoring. Once scored, the answers are explained so students may know the reasons their answers are correct or incorrect.

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