Understanding Chemical Equations

10th - Higher Ed

In this chemical equations worksheet, students identify the reactants and the products, state what phase each is in, and state the mole ratios of all the products and reactants. Students complete 10 problems.

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Everything about Equations

In this chemical reactions worksheet, students are given fifteen unbalanced equations and they must identify the reaction types, the phases of the products, the signs that a chemical change occurred and the sum of the coefficients of the balanced equations.

Conservation During Chemical Reactions

In this chemical reaction worksheet, learners are given the details of an experiment where sodium chloride and silver nitrate are mixed in a chemical reaction. Students answer nine questions about the chemical reaction, they determine the products made and write an equation for the reaction.

Chemical Equations and Reactions

Graphic organizers, photos, diagrams, and text bring the world of chemical reactions to life. By viewing this presentation, young chemists learn how to recognize when a chemical reaction has occurred, and how to balance chemical equations. Follow this comprehensive lesson with an actual laboratory exercise in recognizing chemical changes. 

Chemical Equations

Wow! This comprehensive collection of slides will walk your chemistry class through the foundation of chemical reactions, teach them to balance equations, differentiate types of reactions, and calculate stoichiometry problems. This will save you time in creating individual informative slides, but you might want to rearrange them in a way that is more coherent. Also, you probably would not want to teach all of this material in one day! Please also note that hyperlinks to worksheets do not work.

Chemical Compounds

In this chemical compounds learning exercise, students write the name of compounds from their chemical formula, balance equations, write electronic configurations for elements, and draw Lewis dot structures. This learning exercise has 8 fill in the blank, 12 word problems, and 18 short answer questions.

The Effects of Photosynthesis on Plant Growth

Students examine the process of photosynthesis; its products and reactants, and the sequence of the process. They diagram the light reactions, record observations of plants, and discuss how difficult it is to measure plant growth as it is affected by photosynthesis. While visiting a greenhouse, they make observations that are added to a class chart for the discussion.

Yeast Fermentation

Young scholars measure the temperature change involved in the production of carbon dioxide by yeast. They also identify products and reactants in a chemical and balance the equation.

Chemicals, Chemicals, Everywhere

High schoolers divide substances into categories: made of chemicals/not made of chemicals, synthetic/naturally occurring, and toxic/nontoxic. They observe a mystery chemical and determine what precautions they need to take when handling an unknown substance.

Chemical Reactions

First-time physical scientists explore chemical change with three activities. They combine calcium chloride with water, fertilizer with water, and baking soda with copper sulfate. For each, they describe what happens and write down the products. A worksheet and informative teacher notes are provided, but be aware that there is no answer key. Run through the experiments on your own beforehand so that you know what to expect.

The Effects of Photosynthesis on Plant Growth

Students are able to draw a diagram of the light reactions and briefly describe what is occurring throughout the process. They are able to explain where each reactant/product in the photosynthesis equation comes from/goes during the process and write down their observations about particular plants and discuss the implication some of these observations have on photosynthesis.

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