Verb Forms

5th - 6th

In this verb form worksheet, students read about verbs and their principal parts, then choose the correct verb form in a set of 20 sentences. An answer key is included. 

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Verb Forms: -ed Endings

In this verb form learning exercise, students read about correct usage of verbs ending in  "ed." Students then edit sentences, correcting errors of verb form. Answers are included.

Forms of Regular Verbs

In this verb worksheet, students complete 3 pages of exercises in which the correct verb forms are chosen to complete sentences. Students use the correct -s, -ing, or -ed form to make the verb agree with its subject.

Verb Forms

Regular and irregular verb forms are outlined in this catchy PowerPoint. After discussing the infinitive, simple present, simple past, past participle, and present participle forms of verbs, your scholars take a quick test that includes 10 multiple choice questions. It is a great tool for an assessment after your lesson.

The Subject and Verb in the Simple Sentence

Help your students to understand the most basic building blocks of grammar in this presentation, which teaches students to identify the subject and verb in a simple sentence. Slides 38-47 feature an exercise for students to complete. If the background makes the slideshow hard to read, a teacher could easily fix the background at his or her discretion.

English Grammar Help, How to Write Correct Sentences

Here is a neat way to promote independence in your learners with dyslexia. Learners can access this resource for quick tips in writing complete, grammatically correct sentences. It's like a cheat sheet kids can use on their own. To accommodate learners with more severe disabilities, the website also includes an audio version of the suggested tips.

Verb Forms

In this verb forms worksheet, students put irregular verbs into 2 different forms. Students put 34 irregular verbs into 2 different forms.

Verbs with Participles

In this verbs with participles worksheet, students fill in the blanks, write prepositions, choose the correct sentence, complete a crossword and more about verbs with participles. Students complete 4 activities.

Subject-Verb Agreement: Part I

Students identify subjects and verbs in sentences and identify subject-verb agreement. They view a Power Point and define singular and plural in relation to subject-verb agreement and review rules to demonstrate their understanding of the rules.

Verb Tenses Exercises

In this past simple and present perfect simple worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences with verbs in the correct tense, and rewrite sentences by choosing for or since to insert in the sentence. Students complete 10 problems total.

Subject-Verb Agreement: Part II

Young scholars participate in an activity in which they apply the rules of subject-verb agreement. They correct sentences written on the board as a warm-up activity before breaking into groups. Groups are given subject envelopes and verb envelopes and compose sentences using a subject and a verb.

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