Word Association

4th - 8th

In this word association worksheet, students match the word on the left with its pair on the right. Students complete 10 matches total.

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Picture It In Syllables

Developing fluency in young readers is a long and difficult journey. This series of eight activities adds a little fun to the process as children play matching and board games, piece together puzzles, and make flip books. Covering a variety of topics from blending and counting syllables to making compound words and adding affixes to base words, this is an excellent resource for building language skills in primary grade learners. Some activities involve direct adult participation making for great assessments of student learning, while others allow for collaboration between peers, offering a range opportunities for children to develop their fluency.

Compound Word Trivia

Engage young learners in expanding their vocabulary with these fun games and activities. Children learn how compound words, root words, and affixes provide clues about the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary. These six activities get progressively harder, offering opportunities for learners of skill levels to deepen their word analysis skills. Direct adult participation is required for some activities while others allow for collaborative learning, making these best suited for small group rotations across the elementary grade levels.

Compound Word Lesson Plan

Young scholars explore language arts by utilizing educational computer programs. In this compound word lesson, students define the term "compound word" and complete several mini assignments utilizing their computers. Young scholars practice making their own compound word after the computer assignments.

Recycling Activity Sheet

In these recycling activity worksheets, students choose from the words to complete the paragraphs about recycling. Students then complete the math problems about recycling, and the word search puzzle about recycling.

Compound Words

Students match pictures together to make compound words and then match words together. In this compound words lesson plan, students then write compound words in teams.

Transition Words and Phrases: Road Signs for the Reader

Therefore! However! Furthermore! Explore the power of transition words and phrases. Signal your readers by suggesting the relationship between different thoughts or points. Help them demonstrate an understanding of word relationships. 

Word Association Poetry with Visual Thesaurus (or Not)

Young poets get inspiration and guidance for making word association poems with the Visual Thesaurus. Your class could complete this project with nothing more than a pencil and paper as well. A nice one-off for a substitute during your poetry unit, or when you just want to refresh your curriculum with something instructive, but active and fun.  You could relate it to your current in-class text. This is a well-supported resource. Hyperlinks to excellent, relevant, supporting materials. 

Words That Sell

Explore words, definitions, their connotations and associations with brand names. Middle and high schoolers identify words used in commercials and determine their effect upon the consumer population. They explore how meanings are intended to give positive feelings. In groups, young scholars explore brand names, explain their product and its effectiveness in commercials.

Clicking Your Way to Poetry: Composing Word Association

Young scholars use the Visual Thesaurus to compose word association poems. For this poetry lesson, students define word association and use Visual Thesaurus word maps to find word associations. Young scholars then compare and share their word association poems.

Breaking News English: Euthanasia

In this Euthanasia learning exercise, students read the article, answer true and false questions, complete synonym matching, complete phrase matching, complete a gap fill, answer short answer questions, answer discussion questions, write, and more about Euthanasia. Students complete 10 activities total.

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