Word Endings: -ing or -ed

3rd - 6th

In this word ending worksheet, students fill in the blank with the appropriate form of the word provided. Students determine whether to use -ing or -ed.

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Word Endings in 'ible'

In this word endings instructional activity, students complete a chart, sentences, and word search to help them learn words that have the 'ible' ending. Students also use the 'ible' words in sentences of their own.

Ness and Ment Word Endings

In this word endings worksheet, students complete three activities that help them learn words that end in ness and ment. Students complete a word chart, sentence completions, and a word search.

Adding Suffixes- ly, ful

Fifth graders practice adding suffixes. In this word endings lesson, 5th graders identify examples of suffixes, practice adding the suffix "-ly" and "-ful" and then complete a worksheet to practice.

Tricky Word Endings Fill-In Puzzle

For this spelling words with tricky endings worksheet, 4th graders fill in a spelling puzzle with 20 five to eight lettered words with tricky endings.

Word Endings

In this word endings worksheet, students write a word ending to a word that matches the picture and then write the word 2 more times. Students complete 5 problems and write one of their words in the blank of a sentence.

Home Spelling Practice: Adding -ly to Words Ending in -ic

In this spelling worksheet, students learn to spell a list of 20 words. These words have had '-ly" added to words ending in "-ic". Example: drastically. Students write the words one time.

Word Study: Inflected Endings: -ed, -ing

In this word endings worksheet, students practice spelling with the word endings 'ing' and 'ed.' Students read the paragraphs and then complete the three activities for verbs ending in 'ed' and 'ing.'

Final s word Endings

In this final s word endings worksheet, students complete a quiz on how to use the final s to complete the words in sentences. Students complete 20 sentences.

Words Ending with -ight

For this words ending with -ight worksheet, 3rd graders read the clue, think of the word ending in -ight, then click the answer button to check their answer for 9 words.

Final s word endings

In this final s word endings instructional activity, students decide whether the word with the final s is correct or incorrect by putting a c or i in the blank. Students complete this for 16 words throughout a paragraph.

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