Worksheet - Net Ionic Equations

9th - 12th

High schoolers will read a description of a chemical reaction. They will then start by writing the molecular equation and reduce it down to the net ionic equation.

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Types of Chemical Reactions

For this chemical reactions worksheet, students read about the 3 types of chemical equations and how to write balanced ionic equations. Students are given 5 equations to balance, write the type of reaction, write the total ionic equation, write the net ionic equation and write the molecular equation.

Chapter 7 Worksheet-Types of Equations

In this equations activity, learners write equations and classify them as single displacement, double displacement, combustion, combination or decomposition reactions. They also write sample equations of each type of reaction and answer questions about each.

Chapter 10: Chemical Calculations and Chemical Equations

In this chemical equations worksheet, learners write and balance chemical reactions. They complete 98 short answer and problem solving questions on molarity and chemical equations.

Ionic Nomenclature

One document contains five different worksheets for practice naming and writing formulas for ionic compounds. The first is particularly notable, as it systematically walks beginning chemists through the process of using the periodic table to identify ions and combine them to form polyatomic ions. The remaining worksheets are not as neat in appearance and simply list names or chemical formulas for learners to practice with. They do, however, come with answer keys.

Solubility of Ionic Substances

In this solubility worksheet, students identify substances as either ionic or molecular, define saturated solution and solubility, and calculate concentration of solutions. This worksheet has 7 short answer, 5 fill in the blank, and 27 problems to solve.

Molecular Compounds

In this molecular compounds worksheet, students fill in 9 blanks with the appropriate terms related to bonding and molecules, they determine if 5 statements are true or false, they match 5 terms with their meanings and they solve 3 problems about atoms, molecules and compounds.

Quantities of Reactants and Products

In this chemistry worksheet, students write chemical equations. They answer 7 exercises on balancing equations and calculate mass of reactants and products.

Balancing Equations Using Matrices

In this  lesson that integrates chemistry and algebra, learners solve systems of equations using matrices. The coefficients required to make chemical reaction balanced need to be determined. 

Chemistry Unit on Compounds, Formulas, and Equations

Students perform a review assignment in 3 portions to review chemistry compounds, formulas, and equations. The assignment consists of several different portions that can be used as assessments. The majority of the lesson plan is composed of examples of worksheets that can be borrowed or recreated.

Chem-Speak (Introduction to Chemical Equations)

Students explain what constitutes a chemical reaction and how chemical equations represent chemical reactions by means of discussion and demonstrations.

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