EngageNY Grade 5 ELA Module 2b, Unit 1: Building Background Knowledge: Investigating the Scientific Method with Max Axiom, Super Scientist and Considering How Technologies Are Developed to Meet Societal Needs

Collector: Ann V.

The first unit in the three-unit Module 2B series has fifth graders begin to build background knowledge about the process of scientific inquiry and how new or improved technologies are developed to meet society's needs. Scholars take a look at a graphic novel and discuss how the structure, graphics, and images appear different than previous works they studied. Scholars do multiple reads of the texts to discover the text's gist, record quotes, complete a cause-and-effect note catcher, and discuss how to use context clues to answer text-dependent questions. For an end-of-unit assessment, individuals use their notes and graphic organizers to demonstrate what they have learned about the scientific method, the importance of the inventions and explain how they met societal needs.

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