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Australia is unique, an island and a continent, home of creatures, cultures, plants, and landforms found nowhere else in the world. Famous for its kangaroos and koalas, platypus (platypi? platypodes?) and wombats, for aborigines who somehow manage to survive in the hostile environment of the Outback, for Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers opportunities for study in all subject areas and at all grade levels.

Life came to this island country a long time ago. Young social scientists can examine how Australia’s geography (check out this handout) influenced not only the evolution of its life forms but its human history and cultural makeup as well. A picture-packed presentation suggests topics young explorers might want to research in greater depth. And your herpetologists are gonna love a video about goanna lizards. Your textbooks doesn’t devote much time to the land down under? No worries, we’ve got the dinky-di while kids can learn more about the cuddly koala from a reading comprehension worksheet. And what study of Australia would be complete without a look at the Great Barrier Reef? A video lets viewers dive below the surface to explore the submerged reef and a lesson has young ecologists examine threats to the reef like coral bleaching caused by climate change and other factors.

Kids needn’t be Australian to celebrate Australia Day on January 26, which recognizes the country’s  history and its diversity. Lesson Planet has reviewed reading comprehension worksheets, videos, games, aboriginal Dreamtime story telling lessons, and art activities.

So if you’re looking for materials on Straya, no drama. The reviewed and rated resources in our collection are fair dinkum. Crikey!

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