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How did we get here? How was the universe created? How long did it take? 

The Big Bang Theory is one of the more popular scientific theories for the creation of the universe. Teach students about the basics of the Big Bang Theory with an educational video and expand into a longer playlist about the entire history of the universe.

Young astronomers can take the research into their own hands with a virtual spaceship designed to simulate the historical timeline of the Big Bang Theory. They can also use an interactive resource that works with the Hubble Constant to model the universe’s expansion.

Feeling skeptical? Use a lesson that encourages learners to write an evidence-based argument on the veracity of the Big Bang Theory, or a video that argues why the Big Bang definitely happened. Create an interdisciplinary unit with Language Arts to explore how various cultures have interpreted the beginning of the world through time.

Lesson Planet may just be one of many planets in our universe, and while we don’t have all the answers, we’ve got some great places to start looking!

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