Carbohydrates Teacher Resources

Some nutritionists advise dieters to avoid carbs—but is that a good idea? How can you maintain a healthy diet while keeping your nutrition regulated? What role do carbohydrates play in the body, anyway?

Learn all about the building blocks of energy with Lesson Planet’s teacher-curated health resources, including a full unit on nutritional basics and a video on the chemical functions of carbohydrates. For a more thorough look at the nutritional value of fast food (or the lack thereof), check out a math lesson that prompts health students to analyze the carbohydrates in an average burger and fries meal. A colorimetry activity focuses on the protein content of sports drinks and how it affects the body differently than carbohydrates.

Teaching biology or biochemistry? Add a presentation on the ways carbohydrates affect one’s molecular structure to your curriculum. Also, consider showing a video on photosynthesis to explain how chloroplasts produce glucose, and how our biological condition is connected to that of the plants around us.

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