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A horse is an equine, of course, of course, part of the class of mammals that includes donkeys and zebras in their family and genus. A good pace to begin a study of equines is by checking out Lesson Planet’s collection of resources.

This video will help young biologists build an understanding of classification, the method biologists use to categorize organisms by kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. A Powerpoint Presentation gives learners an understanding of how zoologists determine that horses, donkeys, and zebras, while of the same family and genus, are not part of the same species. Introduce primary graders to classification with this worksheet.  

Our reviewed lesson plans and unit plans offer learners an opportunity to research the evolution of these magnificent animals and trace their history in America, while worksheets help readers hone their reading comprehension skills. Activities designed for primary graders provide youngsters with hands-on opportunities to learn about the history of horses and their breeds. Students can also use the resources in our collection to find information about the care of their equines and about occupations in the industry.

No need to ask the famous Mr. Ed for help finding resources about equines. Use Lesson Planet as a source. Of course.

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