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How did we get here?

While the philosophical aspects of that question may have many answers, we do understand the biological facts of our existence. From our beginnings as humble zygotes to our first crying breaths, the start of a human life has many complex twists and turns.

Students can learn more about the ways cell divide and become embryos with an educational video or instructional app. If you’re discussing fetal development in a high school biology class, an engaging lesson gets the point across in a domain-specific and scientifically minded way.

Want to include a hands-on fetal pig dissection in biology? Check out a virtual dissection guide that can replace or augment a classroom fetal pig activity.

Younger learners can review their knowledge of the life cycle with an activity on the different developmental states of a human and a cheetah. They can also learn more about pregnancy and babies with a lesson designed for elementary students.

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Fetal Development