Hummingbird Teacher Resources

Animalia, chordata, aves, apodiformes, trochilidae. Zoologists use a lot of big words to classify the hummingbird. Found only in the Americas, these colorful creatures are so named because their wings beat so fast they create a humming sound. Use Lesson Planet to find a variety of educational resources to explore this fascinatingly tiny bird.

A  read-along about hummingbirds and seagulls helps primary graders develop their listening and reading comprehension skills.  Middle schoolers can examine the concept of co-adaptation in a lesson about how a flowering plant has adapted to attract a particular species of hummingbird and how the hummingbird has adapted to feed on this particular flower’s nectar.  

A video introduces high school viewers to the singular skills of these flower nectar-fueled flyers, and a live web cam offers class members an opportunity to record observations. A kids gardening article offers tips on the care and feeding of hummingbirds and a worksheet with an informational passage encourages readers to hone their comprehension skills.

Our collection of resources, including presentations and interactives, permit students to find out more about these vulnerable and endangered creatures. The materials offer suggestions for learners of all ages, like building feeders and planting backyard flower gardens to protect these tiny hummers from extinction.


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