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If your students' knowledge of the Ice Age is limited to the popular animated movie, it’s time to give them some more information! Our teacher team has curated a variety of scientific and anthropological resources for any of your curriculum needs.

To learn about the basics of the prehistoric Ice Age and the toll it took on Earth’s organisms, take a look at this educational video. A presentation discusses the traits of prehistoric man during the most recent Ice Age during the Pleistocene period, and an accompanying video focuses on how our ancestors survived by migrating across the continents. Learners can also take a look at recent discoveries of early humans in Florida during the Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago.

Do members of your classes know about the “Little Ice Age” that took place from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries? If not, show them the basics of the era, along with a reading activity and comprehension questions about what they have learned.

Science classes can participate in an activity on the effects of ice expansion as part of a geological exploration. Or, if they really want to watch Ice Age (2002) after all, use a follow-up lesson to the movie to discuss the science behind the story.

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